Breathalyser accessories & parts

Thermal paper roll for printer

Thermal paper roll with a measurement of 57x24mm. Compatible with thermal printer of Andatech Surety, Prodigy 2S, and Prodigy 3.

The price is for one roll.


Accessories & parts of Soberpoint series

Purchase the metal straw holder (capacity: 1,000 straws) and breathalyser fuel cell sensor of Soberpoint wallmounted breathalyser series directly online.

From $71.50

Accessories & parts of AccessPoint FRX

Purchase your AccessPoint FRX base directly online.


Simple rectangular base

  • Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 2.4cm
  • Weight: 910g


Triangle base with built-in connections

  • Built-in connections for 2.1mm jack, LAN port, and 2 USB ports
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 27.6cm 
  • Weight: 1.55kg


Accessories & parts of Soberlive series

Purchase your Soberlive wallmounted breathalyser stands and straw adaptor replacement directly online.


Straw adaptor

The straw adaptor is installed so that straws can be used on Soberlive wall mounted breathalysers for specific testing.


Stand & bracket

Tabletop stand & bracket allows you to use your Soberlive breathalyser series on any elevated flat surface instead of mounting it onto a wall.


Vivo mobile stand

Height adjustable Vivo mobile stand with 4 wheels for easy mobility of your Soberlive breathalyser series. Bracket is sold separately.

From $15.00

Silicon cover of Andatech Sentry

Replacement silicon cover of Andatech Sentry.


Thermal Printer of Andatech Surety

Purchase the wired thermal printer for breath or blood alcohol concentration result printing. Compatible with Andatech Surety only.


Comes with:

  • Thermal printer
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 7.5V DC adapter
  • Cable connection