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Andatech saliva and urine drug test kits

Accurate and quick drug test kits

Drug testing is increasingly common in Australia. Whether you're looking to ensure safe and efficient workplace behaviours, or conduct at-home testing, Andatech offers many options to suit a wide variety of needs. Explore our products below, or use the product match function for a recommendaiton.

Drug test kits

Whether you'd prefer to conduct drug testing using saliva or urine-based samples, we've got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most accurate drug test?

Not all drug test kits are created equal.

We recommend purchasing from an established and reputable supplier. Andatech has been an Australian leader in the alcohol and drug testing space for more than 20 years.

Each of our drug testing products have been evaluated for effectiveness, and regular batch tests are conducted to ensure accuracy and reliability of our products.

Can I test my own urine for drugs?


Andatech offers urine and saliva-based drug testing kits for workplace or home use.

Our products are simple to use, quickly and accurately measuring the presence of drugs.

The numbers of types of drugs screened differ from product to product. Please ensure the drug test kit you choose meets your needs or preferences.

What drugs show up on a home drug test?

This will differ from test to test.

For example, our top-selling DrugSense DSO8 Plus drug test kit monitors levels of eight common substances and alcohol.

Andatech's drug testing kits differ in the number and varieties of substances screened from six to 15. We offer saliva and urine-based screening options.

Need help finding the right drug test kit for you? Give us a call at 1300 800 200 (in Australia), we're happy to help.

What drugs show up on a roadside drug test?

There is not one correct answer, as this may differ based on jurisdiction.

Andatech is based in the Australian state of Victoria, where roadside tests check for several common substances. These include, but are not limited to, marijuana (THC), methamphetamines, and MDMA.

How many drugs can a urine test detect?

This will depend on the specific drug test kit used.

Andatech offers urine-based drug test kits that screen for between six and 15 different substances.

When selecting the correct drug test kit for your needs, take a moment to consider the screening capabilities of each product.

Need help selecting the right drug test kit for your needs? Give us a call at 1300 800 200 (in Australia), we're happy to help.

How accurate are instant drug tests?

This will differ from product to product.

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy, we recommend buying drug testing kits from established and reputable suppliers. Andatech has been an Australian-leader in the alcohol and drug testing industry for more than 20 years.

Each of Andatech's drug test kits are evaluated for accuracy and reliability. Additionally, all products are batch tested upon arrival at our facilities. We take all necessary precautions to maintain accuracy and reliability of our products.

What happens if my drug test comes back positive?

This will depend on where and why you were tested.

In the workplace, this will depend on your company's alcohol and other drug (AOD) policy.

If businesses are conducting workplace screening for drugs and alcohol, it is highly recommended they have an established policy explaining how and when tests may be administered, and the consequences of specific results.

If your drug test returns positive results in a police-conducted roadside test, the consequences vary by jurisdiction. In Australia, such a result will generally result in arrest, licence suspension, and court proceedings.

Furthermore, this may result in hefty fines or prison sentences. Andatech strongly recommends against any consumption of illicit drugs, but especially when operating motor vehicles.

If your positive test result is registered in an at-home test taken voluntarily, there are few immediate consequences.

However, Andatech urges at-home users who receive positive test results to not operate motor vehicles, trade vehicles, heavy machinery, or otherwise engage in risky practices with drugs in their system.

Can you reject a drug test?

The short answer is yes, however there may be situational consequences to doing so.

The workplace implications of refusing a drug test should be clearly communicated through the company's alcohol and other drugs (AOD) policy.

Refusing a police officer-requested drug test is considered a failure in many jurisdictions. Doing so may result in consequences such as immediate licence suspension, and others.

Is workplace drug testing legal?

Yes, workplace alcohol and other drug (AOD) testing is legal in Australia. In many industries, it is a necessary part of ensuring workplace safety, such as those requiring regular use of vehicles and other heavy machinery.

Businesses that are conducting AOD screening are highly recommended to develop, implement, and communicate their AOD policy with all employees. Doing so sets clear expectations of what is and is not acceptable substance use, highlights the consequences of violating the policy, and creates pathways for impacted employees to seek help where impacted by addiction or substance use.

Andatech regularly consults with organisations throughout Australia, helping to develop new AOD policies and to evaluate existing ones. If you would like to discuss AOD policies and which solutions can best support your needs, please contact us at 1300 800 200 for more information.

Are Andatech drug test kits accurate?

Andatech takes significant precautions to ensure accuracy of our drug tests.

Several of our drug test kits are certified to meet Australian Standards cut-off levels. Additionally, products are rigorously evaluated and consistently batch-tested to ensure accuracy and reliability.

False negatives are possible, but exceedingly rare with Andatech products.