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There's no greater priority than the well-being and safety of your workforce and customers. Andatech's certified, dependable, and user-friendly products provide the confidence you need to make informed decisions and uphold a secure environment.

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Workplace drug testing kits provide a straightforward and effective method to maintain clarity and assurance in a professional setting. Whether you're prioritising a safe work environment or aiming to uphold company policies, these kits offer swift and accurate results within the workplace premises. Empower your organisation with workplace drug testing kits - the dependable choice for ensuring trust, clarity, and compliance.

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Workplace alcohol and drug screening FAQs

What is an alcohol and drug policy in the workplace?

An alcohol and other drugs (AOD) policy is a very important tool in maintaining safe and efficient workplaces.

The policy, which should be crafted to meet the operational needs of your specific business, outlines what is and is not acceptable regarding substance use in your workplace.

The development, implementation and communication of your AOD policy helps to ensure workers, managers, and other stakeholders understand their rights and responsibilities regarding substance use. It sets out how, when and why testing may occur and the consequences tied to results.

Andatech regularly consults with businesses to evaluate existing AOD policies, or to help draft new ones. Connect with a member of our staff.

Why should my company have an alcohol and drug policy?

An alcohol and other drugs (AOD) policy is a valuable tool for maintaining a safe and efficient workplace.

Your AOD should clearly outline what is considered acceptable regarding substance use in the workplace. It should also set out how, when and why employees may be screened for substance use, as well as consequences for positive test results. Finally, it should highlight any support that may exist, creating clear pathways for employees impacted by substance use and addiction.

By implementing and communicating a clear AOD policy, you can ensure employees are handled fairly and in accordance with the law. It can also improve employee morale as it demonstrates a commitment to safety within the workplace.

Not sure where to start? Our team can help you write your AOD policy, or evaluate existing polices. Connect with a member of our staff.

How does workplace alcohol and drug testing work?

Alcohol and drug testing processes will differ between industries and specific companies.

In some instances, there are regulatory requirements surrounding what variety, volume and frequency of testing is required. In other situations, this is directed by the leadership and policy of a specific company.

Regardless of external direction, all companies should conduct testing that adheres with an implemented and communicated AOD policy. Doing so ensures employees understand their rights and responsibilities, and are treated fairly in accordance with the law.

Andatech offers a wide variety of alcohol and drug testing solutions to meet your business' specific needs. Consider the options highlighted on this webpage, or call 1300 800 200 to speak to a representative.

What happens if you test positive on a workplace alcohol or drug test?

This will differ from workplace to workplace. If your employer has a clearly stated alcohol and other drugs (AOD) policy, the consequences of a positive test should be clear.

In many instances, consequences will range from being sent home for the day all the way up to termination. Possession or consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs may also be against the law in your jurisdiction and specific workplace.

Employees should refer to their organisation's AOD policy or contact their HR representatives for specific direction.

What is the most common drug test for employment?

Drug testing differs significantly by region, jurisdiction, industry and employer.

Typically, employment-related drug tests will screen for commonly used illicit substances. This list is likely to include, but is not limited to, THC (marijuana), methamphetamines, cocaine, benzodiazepines and more.

Andatech offers many drug testing options, which screen for between six and fifteen substances each. Options exist for testing via saliva or urine.

What is the most accurate drug and alcohol test?

As different drug and alcohol tests work differently and screen for different things, there is not one simple answer for this question. However, these are specific things to look for to ensure your chosen test is accurate.

For alcohol testing devices, in Australia, seek a unit that is Australian Standards-certified. This is the national benchmark for accuracy and reliability. Additionally, you will want to ensure that your device is regularly calibrated in a NATA-certified laboratory. This is the world benchmark for accuracy.

Andatech is proud that all our breathalyser units are Australian Standards-certified. Our calibration laboratory is one of the few NATA-certified facilities in Australia.

Each of our drug test kits are evaluated for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. We regularly conduct batch testing to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Andatech means accuracy when it comes to your alcohol and drug testing needs.

What does a drug and alcohol test involve?

This depends on the way samples are collected.

In many instances, alcohol is measured using a breathalyser device. These are designed to calculate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by sampling your breath. BAC can also be calculated via blood samples, which is a common form of secondary testing.

Drug testing samples can be collected in a number of ways, though urine and saliva are two of the most common. Additionally, tissue such as blood and hair can be analysed--though these methods require a laboratory.

Andatech offers a wide range of alcohol and drug testing solutions and can tailor recommendations to meet your specific business needs. Contact us at 1300 800 200 for more information.

Can I argue a false positive drug test?

This will depend on how, where and why the test was completed.

In a workplace, the answer to this question should be available in your organisation's alcohol and other drug (AOD) policy. It should clearly explain how, when and why tests may be conducted and what the consequences and recourse are in the event of a positive result.

If your drug test was collected by a police officer and is related to an alleged criminal offence, there may be avenues to appeal the result. This will vary by jurisdiction, so please consult with your local laws and/or an accredited legal professional.

How sensitive are drug and alcohol tests?

The sensitivity of drug and alcohol testing solutions varies by product.

Andatech is proud to offer many options to best suit your unique business needs. All of our products are evaluated for accuracy and regularly batch tested to ensure reliability.

All products indicate substances screened and to what levels. If you require assistance selecting the correct solution for your needs, please call us at 1300 800 200. We're happy to help.

Can you refuse a workplace drug test?

Short answer, yes. However, there are likely significant consequences of doing so.

In many workplaces, refusal to take a drug test will be treated as a failing result. Depending on your workplace, this may result in a variety of remedies, which may include dismissal from your job.

Employees should take the time to read and understand their organisation's alcohol and other drug (AOD) policy. This will explicitly set out how, when and where tests may be conducted and how positive results are to be managed.