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As an Australian-owned small business, we understand the complexities of your day-to-day. We're committed to supporting your existing business operations with easy to use solutions that integrate with your existing processes. No matter how or where you operate, we have alcohol and drug testing solutions that cater to your business' specific needs.

How Andatech supports you

  • Professional guidance

    We're your resource for all things alcohol and other drug (AOD) testing. Whether you're exploring solutions for the first time or considering changing providers, we're committed to meeting the specific needs of your unique business.

  • Ongoing support

    We value your business and look to maintain a long term partnership.

    Calibration and post-sale support is a huge part of ensuring your solutions remain accurate and reliable.

  • Andatech customer service

    Knowledgeable staff

    Not sure where to start? No problems, we're here for you.

    Simply call 1300 800 200, or use the button below, and we'll reach out to help solve your challenges.

Quick connections to suit your needs

Resources for businesses

For businesses with no existing alcohol and drug screening solutions

New to workplace alcohol and drug testing? No worries, we're here to support your needs.

Online Resources

Through our website, you can explore our selections of workplace breathalysers, saliva drug test kits, and urine drug test kits.

We have several guides and white papers, and many blog articles sharing information to support your decision making process.

Talk to a Representative

Our knowledgeable staff is always here to help. You can book a meeting using our online system, or call us at 1300 800 200 to be connected with a member of our team.

We also offer consultation regarding alcohol and other drug (AOD) policies.

For businesses evaluating new solutions for alcohol and drug screening needs

Alcohol and drug testing is a significant task, for businesses of any size. We're focused on tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

We offer a trade in program, where turning in your old alcohol testing equipment and offset the cost of your new Andatech devices.

Schedule a call with a member of our knowledgeable staff, we look forward to earning your business.

For businesses looking to create or improve an alcohol and other drugs (AOD) policy

Andatech regularly works with our clients to develop alcohol and other drugs (AOD) policies.

We work to understand the unique processes and challenges in your organisation, and to provide an actionable policy that meets your needs.

We can also make solution recommendations to help support your new AOD policy. Book a call with a member of our knowledgeable staff today.

For current Andatech clients needing support

At Andatech, we value an ongoing partnership with our clients.

From initial conversations, to deployment and beyond, we're here to support your needs.

Bulk Pricing

We offer bulk pricing on some solutions. If you're considering a volume of our solutions, contact our team to learn more.


Andatech recommends regular calibration of our alcohol breathalyser units to ensure accuracy and reliability. Typically our units should be calibrated every six months, though it may be required sooner due to high volumes of use.

Our Calibration Management Plans ensure your device is always working at full capacity. Plans include scheduled calibrations, priority service and express return postage.


Andatech's breathalyser units come with a two year warranty. We also offer an Andatech Lifetime Guarantee for qualifying units.

To qualify for the Lifetime Guarantee, units must be calibrated every six months, as scheduled. Terms and conditions apply, learn more about Andatech's Lifetime Guarantee.

Other Concerns

Need support with anything Andatech? We're here to help. Simply call 1300 800 200 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.

For prospective Andatech clients

We're excited to support your business' unique needs. We offer a vast portfolio of solutions that can be explored and purchased directly through our website, should you choose. Our knowledgeable staff is also available to offer guidance and answer any questions. Simply call 1300 800 200, or submit your information to start a conversation.

Resources for home users

How do I choose the right solution for me?

Andatech is proud to offer many options to support your specific needs. However, these options may make it difficult to choose what works best for you.

For suggestions based on your expected use, check out our product recommender.

We also welcome you to contact us via email or by calling 1300 800 200, our team is happy to help!

How does calibration work?

Andatech calibrates our breathalyser units in our NATA-accredited lab in Melbourne.

Calibration is an important process to ensure your breathalyser is always accurate and reliable. Learn more about calibration.

I am having issues with my Andatech device.

Andatech's solutions are designed to be accurate and reliable. While rare, issues can occur from time to time. We are committed to resolving any issues efficiently.

Should you be experiencing issues with an Andatech device, please reach out to us via email or by calling 1300 800 200.

I am searching for specific information.

Our website offers a wealth of resources about our specific solutions, as well as information on alcohol and drug testing more broadly. We trust you'll find these resources valuable in making informed decisions.

If you have specific questions about Andatech, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by calling 1300 800 200. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help!