Collection: Wall mounted breathalysers

Breathalysers mounted on-site for regular breath alcohol screening

Conduct regular breath alcohol testing among employees at entrances of workplaces or work sites, with added features such as access control, facial recognition, temperature screening, and cloud data.

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Are wall-mounted breathalysers better than portable ones?

Wall-mounted breathalysers have features that are unique to them and the same can be said about portable breathalysers.

Wall-mounted breathalysers from Andatech have advanced features including door access
control, temperature screening and a link to the Andalink data management system.

Does Andatech install wall-mounted breathalysers on-site?

Andatech wall-mounted breathalysers are easy to install and comes with detailed instructions. Andatech does not install wall-mounted breathalysers on-site.

Do wall-mounted breathalysers need to be calibrated?

Wall-mounted breathalysers also require calibration like any
other breathalyser. Andatech offers calibration plans for users to save on calibration costs and avoid downtime (Gold calibration plan and above).

Check out Andatech’s wall-mounted breathalyser calibration plans for more information.

How often should I calibrate my breathalyser?

Your breathalyser should be calibrated every six months to ensure accurate readings at all times. This applies to both personal units and workplace units, as this level of frequency is also recommended by Australian Standards guidelines.