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Breathalyser Calibration Plans

Ensure your breathalyser’s accuracy with easy calibration plans.

Calibrate your breathalyser once every 6 months with Andatech calibration management plans. Skip the queue. No booking required.

  • Standards certified icon

    Maintain standards

    Regular calibration is needed to maintain your breathalyser’s accuracy according to Australian Standards.

  • Andatech Breathalysers Lifetime Guarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Regularly calibrate your Adatech or AlcoSense breathalyser to secure a lifetime guarantee.

  • ISO/IEC17025 Calibration Accreditation logo for Andatech

    NATA accredited calibration

    Your breathalyser is calibrated to the highest standards at our NATA accredited laboratory in Melbourne.

  • Hassle-free calibrations, managed for you

    With our management plans, you don’t have to keep track of the calibration due date.

  • 1️⃣ Receive reminder email

    Confirm or update your shipping address in the reminder email to receive the correct shipping label. 

  • 2️⃣ Send us your breathalyser

    Pack your breathalyser properly and send it to us with the shipping label you received through email.

  • 3️⃣ Receive your breathalyser

    Receive your calibrated breathalyser within 5 to 10 working days, depending on your location and plan.

Transparent pricing. No auto renewal.

Breathalyser calibration management plan tailored for Andatech breathalysers.
Choose your type of breathalyser below to view its eligible calibration plans.

Breathalyser calibration

One-off calibration

Alternatively, you can book a one-off calibration without getting a management plan.

  • Turnaround of 5 business days
  • Standard and express return postage options available (or drop-off / pick up from our Melbourne calibration centre)
  • Self-booking
  • No discounted pricing for calibrations:
    Personal breathalyser calibration $49.50
    Workplace breathalyser calibration $99

Breathalyser calibration FAQs

What is breathalyser calibration?

Breathalyser calibration is the process of configuring breathalysers or alcohol measuring devices so they can detect alcohol accurately.

Read more about what is breathalyser calibration and how is it done?

What happens during the calibration process?

During the calibration process, a professional technician will evaluate the accuracy of the breathalyser against a known alcohol sample. If the breathaalyser is found to be inaccurate, the technician will readjust the unit's sensor until it records an accurate reading.

Why do I need calibrate my breathalyser?

Users need to calibrate their breathalyzers regularly. Continuous usage or the passage of time can lead to sensor drift, which may affect the device's ability to accurately measure alcohol breath samples.

This requirement also applies to other measurement tools, such as weight scales and humidity meters.

How often should I calibrate my breathalyser?

Your breathalyser should be calibrated every 6 months if it was purchased from Andatech. This applies to both personal and workplace breathalysers.

Refer to the manufacturer guidelines to for further detail regarding calibration frequencies.

What is a NATA accreditation?

A NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accreditation is a formal recognition that a calibration laboratory, like Andatech's centre in Melbourne, is competent to conduct specific calibration, in this case, breathalyser calibrations.

It signifies that the laboratory meets internationally recognised standards and operates under a rigorous quality management system.

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