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Research & Development

Andatech invests heavily into the research, design and development of our drug and alcohol testing equipment to make sure that our products are always accurate, user-friendly and exceeding expectations. We stay ahead of the latest advancements in technology and incorporate the best proven innovations into our products, constantly improving them to ensure that they always meet and surpass national and international standards. Most of all, we do our best to remain consumer-focused and are always finding solutions to ensure a user-friendly and hassle-free experience with our products and services. With our research and development, we aim for continuous development and improvement on not only our products and services, but also our business processes and customer relationships and experiences.

Quality & Standards

We put all our products through standards testing to get certified and recognised for their quality. Our own management processes are regularly audited to maintain our compliance to ISO9001 for Quality Management Processes. Additionally, we regularly send our products for independent testing with recognised bodies, including local police laboratories, as part of our routine quality checks.

Market Research

We stay ahead of the latest industry news, research and developments in drug and alcohol detection technology. More importantly, we place priority on customer feedback in order to continuously improve and develop our products and services. In fact, we have researched and produced our own whitepapers and case studies on drug and alcohol testing to better understand and serve our customers.

Events & Partnerships

Our products incorporate the latest research and market knowledge. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest changes in regulations, standards and technology by partnering with local and international organisations, research companies and universities.


From simple user experiences such as retractable mouthpieces, to the latest technologies such as facial recognition and contactless screening, Andatech ensures that the entire design and production of a breathalyser is thorough and perfect to its core. There is no compromise on quality.

Product Developments

Our research and development efforts have helped us introduce the following products and services to better serve our customers and meet market demands. Here are just a few of our most notable R&D results:

2020 - Introduction of contactless Facial Recognition and Temperature Screening breathalysers - the Soberlive FR and FRX. Launched soon after the COVID-19 outbreak, these contactless temperature screening facial recognition breathalysers soon became a workplace essential.

2020 - As COVID-19 swept across the globe, Andatech swiftly launched a range of medical face masks and non-contact thermometers for public, medical and workplace use. Apart from a range of ARTG listed MedSense medical devices, the new products included facial recognition technology designed for workplace employee and rapid public screening.

Find out more about the Accesspoint FRX and ThermalSense TX3000.

2020 - Launched new breathalysers that can be connected to a mobile app via bluetooth. With the mobile app, users can record their test results and photo on their phone, share results with friends, family, employer or doctor, and keep track of their test history.

Check out the AlcoSense Nexus and AlcoSense Elite 3 BT breathalysers.

2019 - Introduction of the Prodigy 3 hand held breathalyser with built-in camera, GPS and printer. Designed for law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation facilities to capture the subject's face while blowing into the breathalyser for a test.  

2018 - Launched the Andatech Soberlive, the first wall-mounted breathalyser in Australia to be fully connected to the internet with data upload, wireless software upgrade, remote server connection and user login. Specially designed for companies with multiple remote sites to easier manage their breathalysers from a central location.

2018 - Introduction of the Prodigy 3 hand held breathalyser with built-in camera, GPS and printer. Designed for law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation facilities to capture the subject's face while blowing into the breathalyser for a test.  

2018 - The first ever baton breathalyser, the Andatech Sentry is capable of testing up to 12 people per minute and can be used to manually test drinks and unconscious subjects for alcohol presence. The Sentry is designed for law enforcement use for RBT's or roadside breath testing.

2017 - Introduced the upgraded Soberpoint 3 wall mounted breathalysers, with WIFI connectivity. This allowed employers in workplaces to record and upload test results to servers for record keeping. WIFI update was to meet customer demands for more integrated and seamless record keeping.

2017 - Launched the Soberpoint 3 Wave wall-mounted breathalyser, specially designed for licensed venues to use for testing patrons and generating extra revenue using convenient, cashless card payments such as PayWave.

2017 - Introduced a new feature in the Prodigy series breathalysers called the clean air test, which increases accuracy in testing. Takes an air sample prior to each test to ensure there is no alcohol residue remaining in the mouthpiece or sensor, which would affect the actual reading.

2014 - Launched an industry-first calibration management plan for all our breathalysers, where we manage customers' breathalyser calibrations easily using automated processes. On top of making the process easier, it helped customers save time and money and us to reduce manual work and human error. We developed completely new online systems based on customer feedback to cater to this new demand.

Extended 5 Year / Lifetime Guarantee

2014 - Introduced an industry-first lifetime guarantee for our personal breathalysers and 5 year extended guarantee for our industrial / workplace breathalysers. Under this guarantee, we would extend the standard warranty on our breathalysers as long as they are calibrated every 6 months from the date of purchase. We introduced this to meet customers' expectations and demands for better warranty coverage and to show our confidence in our products.

2013 - Introduced new breathalyser model - the Verity - with multiple colours and a more convenient, built-in mouthpiece design function for the Verity and Zenith+ models. New design updates for personal alcohol breath testing based on feedback from customers wanting more modern designs, colour options and testing convenience.

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