Research-based innovation. Continuous improvement.

Andatech invests heavily into research and design to ensure accuracy and reliability in our alcohol and drug testing equipment beyond expectations.

Whitepapers & case studies

Proven quality

Besides our compliance towards ISO9001 for Quality Management Processes, our products are tested in accordance to Standards and other independent testing with recognised bodies as part of our routine quality checks.

Market research

We stay ahead of the latest industry news and development in drug and alcohol detection technology to provide solutions that suit our clients' needs. Priority is given to client feedback for product improvement as well. 


Having come this far, we have always worked in partnership with local and international organisations, research companies and universities to share knowledge and insights about the latest technologies and regulations.

Great features

From simple user experiences such as retractable mouthpieces, to advanced features such as facial recognition and contactless screening, we strive to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Product development timeline

A sneak peek at some of our most notable products from R&D.

Whitepapers & case studies

Read our white papers to stay on top of the latest developments in alcohol and drug testing in the workplace.