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Committed to Quality

Our alcohol testers undergo extensive research and testing for Australian Standards AS3547 Certification.

Breathalyser Reviews

See why we're an Australian favourite with over 700+ positive breathalyser reviews from customers.

Andatech Guarantee

Our Breathalyser Guarantee extends your device warranty up to 5 years or a lifetime.

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Fast and Reliable BAC Readings

Australian Standards AS3547 certified and tested to strict standards, our alcohol testers (otherwise known as breathalyzers or alcolizer) can detect the amount of alcohol in a person quickly and accurately via a breath test. For better accuracy, we recommend choosing a fuel cell sensor to reduce the risk of false positives in a breathalyser test result. This is because fuel cell sensors detect ethyl alcohol, whereas semiconductor sensors may pick up traces of other types of alcohol.

Alcohol Breath Testing for All Needs

Use Andatech alcohol testers to measure your alcohol level so you can test yourself before driving home. Tested thoroughly for reliability, accuracy and durability, our alcohol breath testers are used by individuals and professionals in various industries. Just some of the industries we serve include law enforcement, medicine, construction, mining, and aviation. Whether you’re after personal breathalysers, industrial breath testers for alcohol, interlock devices, or wallmounted alcohol breath testers, we have the right one for you. You may also sign up for our alcohol and drug testing course to become an accredited tester!

Breathalysers for Professional Use and Law Enforcement

Our workplace breathalysers help ensure compliance and safety, and some are used by law enforcement officers in other countries. They provide accurate BAC readings of a subject's blood alcohol content. All our workplace models can also provide readings for blood alcohol concentrations in both BAC and BrAC units of measurement. Check out our range of BrAC breathalysers (sometimes referred to as alcolizers) here. All workplace models also have passive or fast mode breath testing, which provides a quick alcohol pass or fail reading. This makes testing multiple subjects at once much quicker and easier.

Various Advanced Features

Our breathalysers (alcolizer) are built with various advanced features to make testing easy, whether it's for personal or professional use. The personal breathalysers feature easy one-button operation to suit both young and old users. Professional breath test models include passive mode testing, external and built-in printers, in-built GPS location tracking, touch screens, and our latest model also has a camera installed for subject identification.