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Home drug testing kits offer a simple yet powerful way to ensure clarity and peace of mind. Whether you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle or simply want to take control of your well-being, these kits empower you with instant results in the comfort of your own home. Take control of your health with home drug testing kits - your reliable solution for trust, clarity, and assurance.

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Personal breathalyser FAQs

Are personal breathalysers accurate?

Andatech personal breathalysers, when used as directed and calibrated regularly, are Australian Standards certified for accuracy.

Calibrations are conducted in our NATA-accredited laboratory to ensure your peace of mind.

Tests conducted incorrectly, or on a personal breathalyser outside of a recommended calibration schedule, may not provide accurate results. Andatech encourages users to have personal breathalysers regularly calibrated to maintain accuracy and our Lifetime Guarantee.

Are personal breathalysers worth it?

Personal breathalysers are valuable tools to ensure your safety and prevent breaking the law if you choose to consume alcohol.

By sampling your BAC using an Andateh personal breathalyser, you can ensure you are under the legal limit related to your licence class when operating a motor vehicle.

Andatech's range of personal breathlaysers are all Australian Standards certified, helping you make informed decisions when operating a motor vehicle.

Can you own a breathalyser in Australia?

Yes, Andatech offers a wide range of breathalysers to suit your preferences, needed features, and budget.

All of our breathalysers are Australian Standards certified to give you peace of mind. Regardless of your preferred model, you're in good hands with Andatech.

Are home breathalyser tests accurate?

Andatech's range of home or personabl use breathalysers are Australian Standards certified for accuracy.

If you are using an Andatech personal breathlayser as directed, and the unit has been calibrated as scheduled, you can make informed decisions.

What is the most reliable home breathalyser?

When choosing a home or personal breathalyser, it is important to select an Australian Standards certified unit. This ensures the product meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

All of Andatech's personal and workplace breathalysers are Australian Standards certified, and calibration is conducted in a NATA-accredited laboratory.

An Andatech breathalyser, when calibrated as recommended, is a particularly reliable option for home breathalysers.

Are smartphone breathalysers accurate?

An Australian Standards certified breathalyser that connects to a smart phone, if calibrated as recommended, is accurate. Andatech offers options including AlcoSense Elite 3 BT and AlcoSense Nexus.

Smart phone apps that use personal measurements and nominated consumption to estimate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) should not be relied upon. There are many variables that influence BAC, and a professional and calibrated breathalyser is the most reliable tool to determing your BAC.

How common is a false breathalyser reading?

When using a high quality and properly calibrated breathlayser, false readings are quite rare.

For accurate results, Andatech recommends using an Australian Standards certified and properly calibrated unit. All of Andatech's breathalysers are Australian Standards certified for accuracy.

Will smoking/vaping interfere with a breathalyser?

Vaping may leave residual ethanol alcohol in your mouth. The quantity left may register with a breathalyser, which is important to understand if your licence is restricted to 0.00% BAC driving. That said, for fully-licensed drivers in Australia, vape-residual ethanol is unlikely to cause issues on its own.

Smoking cigarettes can also introduce substances such as acetaldehyde which may interfere with breathalyser sensors.

How long will alcohol show up on a breathalyser?

Many factors influence the detectable presence of alcohol in your system.

Personal characteristics such as age, gender, height, weight, and other medical conditions can influence the rate of alcohol metabolisation.

Additionally, the amount of alcohol consumed directly impacts the length of time where alcohol will be detectable by a breathalyser.