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Car Interlock

Keep you and the community safe

The most advanced alcohol interlock device with cutting-edge alcohol detection sensor and features. Designed to effectively prevent the user from driving under the influence.

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    European Standard approved

    EN50436-1, EN50436-2 E-MARK(EMC) IATF16949:2016

  • Suitable for voluntary and business installation for motor vehicles

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What is an alcohol interlock?

Alcohol interlocks are breathalysers that are professionally installed into a vehicle’s ignition system, preventing them from starting their engines if drivers fail an alcohol breath test. This helps prevent drunk driving incidents.

These devices are usually installed as an added safety measure in vehicles that are used for industrial or commercial purposes, such as in the transportation or logistics industry.

  • Car interlock for young drivers

    Young drivers

    As a parent or guardian, the most effective approach is to consider preventative measures. Installing an alcohol ignition system is the only foolproof way to ensure your teenager isn't faced with potential peer pressure.

  • Car interlock for problem drinkers

    Problem drinkers

    If someone you hold dear has a drinking problem, they might be engaging in risky activities such as driving while intoxicated. They're putting their way of life and the lives of other at stake. You can help by encouraging them to profit from having an alcohol interlock fitted to their vehicle.

  • Car interlock for high risk workplaces

    High risk workplaces

    Alcohol misuse could lead to a disastrous occasion in the workplace. Implement interlocks and workplace screening to ensure your personnel are checked before operating heavy machinery to reduce the potential for alcohol-related accidents.

Benefits of an alcohol interlock

  • Preventing drunk driving

    Alcohol interlocks nip drunk driving problems in the bud by preventing driving altogether. Apart from this, it also encourages responsible behaviour since drivers will know that in order to drive, they cannot be intoxicated.

  • Helping to reduce repeat offenders

    The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research found that alcohol interlocks deter drivers from making new drink driving offences by 86% while the device was installed. Drivers are also less likely to commit an offence even after it is removed.

  • Increased safety

    Their BAC readings will tell them otherwise even when drivers may not feel intoxicated. Through alcohol interlocks, drivers will have no choice but to record appropriate BAC levels before driving, thus keeping themselves and the public safe.

  • Personal responsibility

    Voluntarily installing an alcohol interlock reflects a concern for personal safety and responsibility on the driver's part.

Alcohol Interlock FAQs

How are alcohol interlocks different from car breathalysers?

Alcohol interlocks stand apart from car breathalysers as they require installation into the vehicle's ignition system. Unlike handheld breathalysers, which are typically portable devices, car breathalysers are specifically designed for in-car use, serving as a pre-driving safety measure.

How do alcohol interlocks work?

Alcohol interlocks work by preventing a vehicle from starting if the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level exceeds a predetermined limit, which is typically 0.00. Before driving, the driver must present a breath sample into the device. If alcohol is detected, the car will not start.

What is a rolling test?

Some car interlocks, including the Andatech ALX3000,  have a rolling test feature that will request a breath sample periodically while the car is in motion. When this happens, the driver needs to pull over and perform another breath test. This prevents any drinking after the initial breath test is passed.

How can alcohol interlocks be installed?

Alcohol interlocks need to be installed by a certified mechanic or professional.

For assistance locating a professional to install your purchased Andatech ALX3000 car interlock breathalyser, contact Andatech at or by calling us at 1300-800-200.

Are there any alternatives to alcohol interlocks?

Sometimes, people opt for handheld breathalysers instead of alcohol interlocks. However, using a portable breathalyser might necessitate extra supervision. A safety officer or concerned parent might have to administer the test or, with smartphone breathalysers, monitor results remotely to prevent drunk driving.

It's important to remember that handheld breathalysers can only serve as an alternative to voluntary alcohol interlock installations. Court-ordered alcohol interlocks have no substitutes.

Do alcohol interlocks need to be calibrated?

Alcohol interlocks need to be calibrated periodically, just like portable breathalysers. The Andatech ALX3000 car interlock breathalyser needs to be calibrated every 12 months. However, other manufacturers may have different guidelines on calibration.

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