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Buy AlcoSense personal breathalysers, Australian Standard AS3547 certified for their accuracy and durability. Built with long lasting fuel cell sensor technology and covered by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Drive responsibly and with confidence with a personal breathalyser

Know when you are sober enough to drive with just a BAC test using an AlcoSense personal breathalyser. All our breathalysers are Australian Standard AS3547 certified to give you peace of mind to safely operate vehicles and machinery. With a sleek profile,they are simple to use where and when you need it.

Don't guess your BAC, be sure you're safe to drive. Shop our full range of personal breathalysers below:

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    Fast & accurate BAC testing

    Platinum fuel cell technology. Accurate to ±0.005%BAC. AS3547 certified.

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    Sleek & pocket-sized

    Handy to carry around. Take a test whenever you want, wherever you go.

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    Reliable after-sales service

    Highly-reviewed breathalysers and customer service. Service centres based in Australia.

  • Andatech Breathalysers Lifetime Guarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Warranty extendable to a Lifetime with regular calibrations.

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Learn more about breathalysers in our breathalyser FAQ page.

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When should I use a breathalyser?

A breathalyser can be used whenever you've had a few drinks and want to ensure that your blood alcohol content (BAC) level is below the legal limit.

Most people use breathalysers to see if they are sober enough to drive or to monitor their alcohol consumption.

Is a breathalyser accurate?

Breathalysers are the easiest and most accurate way to estimate a person’s intoxication level by measuring the concentration of alcohol found in an individual’s breath sample.

Does my breathalyser require maintenance?

Breathalysers from Andatech require calibration every six months (as per Australian Standard guidelines) to ensure that the sensor remains accurate at all times.

How long should I wait after drinking before driving?

Generally, the safest approach to this is to not drive on the same night you were out drinking because alcohol can stay in your system for as long as 12 hours, considering factors including weight, gender, type of alcohol consumed, and more,

What are breathalyser best practices?

  • Ensure test subject has not consumed food or drink for 15 to 20 minutes before the test
  • Use a new mouthpiece for every new test subject
  • Always store the breathalyser according to Andatech storage instructions and guidelines
  • Send your breathalyser for calibration every 6 months to ensure optimal results and
    accuracy at all times.