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Best personal breathalysers rated by customers (2024 update)

The best personal breathalysers as rated by customers

The number of personal breathalysers available on the market are plentiful, but choosing the best breathalyser for your needs will require you to learn more about each model before selecting your preferred unit. An effective way to find out if a breathalyser will come in handy would be to look at customer reviews and ratings.

By hearing from people who have already purchased and used the breathalyser, you can gain valuable insights into its accuracy, reliability, ease of use and other features. Here, we’ve compiled some of the most highly rated AlcoSense breathalysers to help you pick the right one. Before reading further, here's a breakdown of each breathalyser

Each review will entail a description of the breathalyser, a list of its unique features, and the respective ratings of each breathalyser so you can view all the relevant information you need at a glance.


AlcoSense Verity

AlcoSense Stealth

AlcoSense Zenith+

AlcoSense Novo


10 test memory

Comes in 3 colours

AS 3547 certified

Retractable mouthpiece

Industrial-grade accuracy

Only 0.1kg

Ideal for specific testing

Retractable mouthpiece

Platinum fuel cell sensor

Results in 10 seconds

Ideal gift idea

Accurate to 2 decimal places

Warning lights if BAC hits .05

Rating 4.77/5 from 104 reviews 4.82/5 from 44 reviews 4.94/5 from 33 reviews 4.83/5 from 6 reviews
Price $269 $399 $499 $149

AlcoSense Verity - Best breathalyser for social drinkers

Best Personal Breathalyser for Social Drinkiers

The AlcoSense Verity Gen 2 is an upgrade to the previous Verity model.

This breathalyser is the everyday Australian’s go-to compact and lightweight portable breathalyser that comes in three colours and is perfect as a gift to your mates or for personal daily use. Accurate up to three decimal places and has a long battery life, the Verity is powered by a platinum fuel cell sensor to deliver reliable readings at all times.

Features: Retractable mouthpiece, dual test modes, available in navy, white and grey, response time of 10 seconds.

Rating: 4.77 stars from 104 reviews

Ideal for: Social drinkers, daily BAC monitoring and as a gift.

Well worth it. Extreme value and reliability
Have had it for over a year. And it has saved me from driving quite a few times when I felt sober enough. I also work in mining and have to blow zero every day. My little breatho has saved my job more than once too.

- Alex

AlcoSense Stealth - Best breathalyser for specific alcohol testing

AlcoSense Stealth - best personal breathalyser for BAC accurate testing

AlcoSense’s most advanced personal breathalyser yet, the AlcoSense Stealth uses an industrial-grade platinum fuel cell sensor that delivers BAC results with precision. The unit comes with a hard carry case and a soft pouch for protection wherever you go—designed to last a lifetime.

Features: Industrial grade accuracy at +/- .005 at .100%BAC, weighs only 0.1kgs

Rating: 4.82 stars from 44 reviews

Ideal for: Specific alcohol testing, BAC monitoring, and those looking for accurate results.


Could'nt live without it
I have owned this unit for about 3 years and it great get test on a regular basis for my work and never fails as long as you get it calibrated

- Bill B

AlcoSense Zenith+ - Best breathalyser for workplace testing

AlcoSense Zenith+ - the best personal breathalyser for back-to-back testing

The Zenith+ utilises an accurate platinum fuel cell sensor to deliver BAC results with precision, is lightweight, portable and comes with a convenient built-in retractable mouthpiece for easy testing anytime and anywhere. Packed in a sleek black casing with a shiny silver frame.

Features: Built-in retractable mouthpiece, 10-second response and recovery time, smaller than your mobile phone.

Rating: 4.65 stars from 41 reviews

Ideal for: Everyday BAC testing and back-to-back testing at the workplace.


The best breathalyser I've owned yet.
This is next level making even my S80 look like a toy in comparison, I've never seen such repeatable accuracy, these are awesome, so much so after extensive testing at home I've bought an optional 5yr calibration plan to keep it spot on, I couldn't recommend these more highly to anyone who is actually serious about BAC% testing

- Nick R.

AlcoSense Novo - Best breathalyser for casual drinkers

AlcoSense Novo - the best personal breathalyser for first time owners

The perfect unit for first-time breathalyser owners. Despite its low price point, the AlcoSense Novo utilises a fuel cell sensor that is accurate to 2 decimal places with Australian Standard AS3547 certification for accuracy. Its stable performance and indicator light features allow users to easily detect when they have recorded a BAC level of above .05%BAC.

Features: Indicator lights for BAC readings of .05 and above, lightweight and pocket-sized.

Rating: 4.5 stars from 68 reviews

Ideal for: First-time breathalyser owners and casual drinkers.


Excellent Product
Brilliant product. easy to use, simple to use and as far as I'm aware very accurate. Best for peace of mind

- Brenton M.

What makes AlcoSense have the best breathalysers?

What makes AlcoSense have the best breathalysAll AlcoSense breathalysers have their accuracy certified by Australian Standards AS3547 and come with a standard 3-year warranty that can be extended to a lifetime guarantee with regular calibration. AlcoSense breathalysers also utilise fuel cell technology to deliver highly accurate results at all times, making it easier for individuals from all corners of Australia to get the right unit for their alcohol breath testing needs.

Browse the best breathalysers from AlcoSense's wide range of breathalysers today to start practising responsible drinking and lead a safer life today!

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