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For first-time owners or as a gift

Whether you’re looking to get your very first breathalyser or looking for the right gift for your loved ones, look no further than the AlcoSense Novo alcohol tester.

The AlcoSense Novo fits snugly in your pocket and provides users with a hassle-free one touch function, designed for ease of use without any complications.

This unit provides accurate readings at all times even if you're on a budget! Australian Standard certified.

Lifetime guarantee available upon regular calibration.

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AS3547 certified: AS3547:1997

Sensor type: Fuel cell sensor

Testing mode: Specific testing

Accuracy: ±0.01%BAC at 0.010%BAC

Response time: 22 seconds

Recovery time: 2 minutes

Calibration frequency: Unlimited tests, every 6 months

Display: Back-lit LCD

Power supply: AAA alkaline batteries x2

Weight: 84g including batteries

Dimensions: H: 11.4cm, W: 4.7cm, D: 2.4cm

Warranty: 3 years, extendable up to a lifetime under the Andatech Lifetime Guarantee

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Accurate BAC readings at an affordable price

Budget-friendly personal breathalyser for young or new drivers.

  • Standards certified icon

    Accurate alcohol testing

    Assurance from the Australian Standard AS3547 certification.

  • Lightweight icon

    Light & portable

    Slim & sleek body for portability. Smaller than your mobile phone.

  • lightning icon

    Stable BAC results

    Quality platinum fuel cell sensor delivering BAC results with precision.

  • Light bulb icon

    User-friendly indicator lights

    Get a warning with an alarm sound if your BAC result is over 0.05%BAC.

  • How to use the AlcoSense Novo personal breathalyser

    1. Switch on the breathalyser

    Insert a mouthpiece and push the ON/OFF button. The device will display 'on' along with a welcome sound and start warming up.

  • AlcoSense Novo personal breathalyser

    2. Blow into the mouthpiece

    When the device beeps and 'bLo' is displayed on the screen, blow into the mouthpiece steadily until you hear another beep.

  • Results on the AlcoSense Novo personal breathalyser

    3. Get your BAC results

    The BAC result will be displayed for 20 seconds, along with a beeping sound.

    If the result is over 0.05%BAC, the red 'WARN' indicator will light up along with an alarm sound.

  • Switch off or take a new test with the AlcoSense Novo personal breathalyser

    4. Switch off or take next test

    To take another test, wait for the indicator light to switch off and push the ON/OFF button.

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Andatech breathalysers lifetime guarantee

Extended Guarantee up to a Lifetime

Send your AlcoSense personal breathalysers for calibration once every 6 months and enjoy lifetime guarantee. Service centres based in Australia.

Manage calibration easily with Andatech Calibration Plans

Learn more about Lifetime Guarantee
  • View and download the user manual for the AlcoSense Novo Personal Breathalyser

    User Manual 
  • View and download the fact sheet for the AlcoSense Novo Personal Breathalyser

    Fact Sheet 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kim M.

AlcoSense Novo

Christine C.
Alco tested, use it all the time, Brillant thanks

Bought my son one for xmas to keep him safe, as myself, well really bought the first one for my husband but he doesn't use it .

Worth the investment!!

Accurate !!

Wendy M.

AlcoSense Novo

Declan K.

Works well

Brenton M.
Excellent Product

Brilliant product. easy to use, simple to use and as far as im aware very accurate. best for peace of mind