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Save $584 on our Alcohol & Drug Testing Starter Pack

Certified to Australian Standards AS3547, get the Andatech Surety breathalyser with 25 drug test kits, 1 year of calibrations, online training and mouthpieces, for just $999.

Andatech Sentry X Contactless Breathalyser

Conduct workplace alcohol testing while practising safe social distancing with the Andatech Sentry X. Zero contact between the subject and operator, no backflow of exhaled air, and self-sterilising for maximum protection.

Facial Recognition Breathalysers

Get the Soberlive FR or FRX breathalysers on a 30-day free trial.
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Breathalysers for all industries

Browse our wide range of breathalysers online, suitable for employee individual use, workplace screening, medical use, or law enforcement.

Drug screening for personal use and employers

Urine and saliva drug test kits that are easy to use.

Meets Australian Standards cut-off levels

Fast and easy results within 5 minutes

Test up to 11 drug groups and alcohol

Get 50 cassettes for free with the DrugSense OraScan Drug Analyser

The OraScan Drug Analyser ensures accurate interpretation of drug test results by eliminating common user errors (such as using expired test cassettes) and interpretation mistakes (such as oversight of the control line or mistakes in interpreting positive and negative results).

Buy now and get 50 cassettes worth $1000 for free.

On-Site Drug Testing

Start on-site drug testing from just 1 employee per year

Our third party sampling service is simple and cost-efficient.

Australian Standards Certified equipment

Sample collectors available Australia wide

Secure electronic reporting of results

Drug and alcohol testing solutions for all applications

Drug and Alcohol

Test Equipment

Andatech offers a range of drug and alcohol test devices suitable for both consumer and workplace use. Our alcohol breath testers and drug test kits meet Australian Standards requirements and are used widely for a range of applications. This includes personal use, workplace employee testing, law enforcement and medical use.

Drug and Alcohol

Services and Training

We provide a range of services to complement our drug and alcohol testing equipment. Click on an option below or contact our sales team to learn more about other services that we offer.

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Australia's Trusted Breathalyser Brand

Andatech strives to provide the best products and services to all our customers- just check through our breathalyser reviews here to see why we are one of Australia's most trusted breathalyser brands. Our aim for customer satisfaction has won us multiple awards and positive feedback from numerous customers. Below are just some of the testimonials that we've received from valued customers.

"The drug and alcohol testing regime plays a vital role in this (Safety Always culture) and we’ve found the equipment and supplies from Andatech are easy to use, accurate and cost effective."

- Kings Transport and Logistics

"The essential ingredient for a successful business lunch"

- Peter Robinson, CEO of The Butcher Club

"The Soberpoint II is used daily in our organisation. It is very simple to use and gives fast and accurate results. It’s a quality machine that not only looks good, but is also very effective and useful for measuring BAC levels. Our clinic could not function properly without it."

- Roslyn Mustoe, Fresh Start Recovery Program

"Victoria Police like the idea of breathalysers being there… as a tool, they’re fantastic!"

- Aaron, RSA officer at a Melbourne Casino

"The breathalyser has been a good asset to the bar, used by many... to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers."

- Regan Lamble, St Kilda Sports Club

"Many customers have actually enjoyed using the machine, but also educates them on their intoxication levels at the same time. Very happy."

- E. Naylor, On Top Bar

"Our Andatech breathalyser is a great asset to our business. As a venue with a large crowd of regulars, ensuring they're able to get home safe is a priority - as it means they can come back again and again. The machine is reliable and their service impeccable. Highly recommended."

- Mark Robinson, GH HOTEL

"It's a great little machine, nice and compact. Excellent customer service."

- Mark Bucello, ORANGE WHIP

"Their customer service is second to none!"

- Heath Barclay

"Excellent service team, quick response and able to help me my problem with no hesitation. Highly recommended!"

- Robert Blank

"Bloody reliable breatho units"

- Rob Richardson

"This unit has helped me massive very reliable and saved my license and my job !"

- J. Leigh Caton

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Why Customers Choose Andatech

Here are just some of the reasons why customers choose Andatech breathalysers and services.

Australian Standards Certified and ISO9001

Andatech has the widest range of Australian Standards AS3547 Certified personal breathalyzers and our processes follow the strict quality standards of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

Our Quality & Standards


Best Breathalysers and Services

Our trained technicians, devoted support team, and dedicated services such as calibration management make owning an Andatech product as convenient as possible.

The Andatech Guarantee

Enjoy warranty coverage up to a lifetime for your personal breathalyser as long as you maintain its calibrations. For workplace breathalysers, we’ll extend it up to 5 years.

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Companies Already Using Andatech Products

Our alcohol testers and drug testing kits are used and trusted by individuals and companies all around Australia and the world on daily basis. We've built our reputation on trust and reliability, and are proud to be the ongoing supplier for alcohol and drug testing equipment to hundreds of local and international organisations.

Government, Education & Medical

Mining & Infrastructure

Retail & Manufacturing

Learn more about Alcohol and Drug Testing

Browse our knowledge centers for further information on alcohol and drug testing. Learn more about how breathalysers work, what blood alcohol content is, or how alcohol affects the body. We also have resources on the effects of alcohol and drugs on the workplace.