Breathalysers & drug test kits for transport industry

Carry out alcohol and drug testing on your drivers prior to departure with reliable breathalysers and drug test kits. Ensure full compliance with your company's policy.

Ensure a safe journey for your drivers

Eliminate the risks of employees driving under the influence.

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    of the Australian workforce in the transport industry took illicit substances.

    — National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (2009)

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    fatalities in the transport, postal & warehousing industry with 8.7 fatalities per 100,000 workers.

    — Safe Work Australia (2020)

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    serious claims in the transport, postal and warehousing industry with 15.2 incidence rate per 1,000 workers.

    — Safe Work Australia (2020)

  • Kings Transport
  • McColl's
  • Linfox
  • HTE Transport
  • Go West
  • MGM
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Kings tests driver with the Andatech Prodigy S handheld breathalyser


Drug & alcohol testing an important safety regime at Kings Transport

Read more on how Kings Transport uses Andatech's breathalyser and saliva testing kits in a company-wide safety push, which has helped to cut its year on year lost time injuries by 20 per cent.

Read the Kings Transport case study

Accurate & reliable breath alcohol testing on-site

Suit your regular or ad hoc breath alcohol testing needs with our breathalyser sales and service. Enjoy peace of mind with our Australian Standard AS3547 Certified breathalysers and Lifetime Guarantee.

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Easy-to-use saliva & urine drug test kits

Shop our range of Australian Standard compliant drug test kits. Conduct accurate and reliable drug testing in accordance with your school’s alcohol & drug testing policy.

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Transport industry

Alcohol & drug screening among employees arranged for you

Third party on-site alcohol & drug testing done by professionals.
✔️ Stringent quality control standards.
✔️ Equipment certified according to Australian Standards.
✔️ Compliant with your company’s policy.

Learn more about on-site alcohol & drug testing