Where to Buy a Breathalyser

in Australia

We are proud to have partnered with many respected businesses within Australia which means you will be able to find our top-quality products at a number of different locations. If you were wondering where to buy a breathalyser, then our business partners are a good place to start.

Buy a Personal Breathalyser

Get a personal breathalyser to ensure you drive sober and arrive home safely

This range ensures fast and accurate results so you can quickly and easily determine your blood alcohol reading after having a few drinks. If you've had a heavy night out and need to drive the next day, a personal breathalyser can help you make certain you’re capable of driving safely the morning or day after. It only takes a couple of seconds to determine and could ultimately prevent you from losing your job or license if you’re caught, not to mention preventing a potential accident.

Buy a Workplace Breathalyser

Andatech's Industrial Breath Testers and Training Partners

This range of breathalyser is ideal for workplaces looking to conduct random and non-invasive breath tests of their staff, without taking up too much time. Our suppliers and training partners include:


South Australia

Andatech SA

S.15, 283-287 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park, Adelaide 5032 SA
(by appointment only)

Mobile: 0437 073 130

Western Australia

Other Retailers and Online Partners

Our personal breathalysers are also available online from the following major online retail stores. Visit them online or in-store to check out our products.

International Distributors

Can you buy a breathalyser internationally? Of course!

You can also buy breathalysers and drug testing kits from Andatech's international locations and partners. Contact an Andatech reseller near you:

South East Asia

Andatech Safety Pacific Sdn Bhd
Jalan Wan Kadir 2, TTDI
Kuala Lumpur 60000 Malaysia
P: +603 7732 0488
E: sales@andatech.com.my


Andatech Global
Kandivali West, Mumbai
400067 Maharashtra, India
P: +919819404404
E: india@andatech.com.au


Eldiya International Pte Ltd
21 Bukit Batok Crescent,
#16-77 WCEGA Tower
Singapore 658065
P: (+65) 6536 0853
F: (+65) 6536 1956
E: sales@eldiya.com.sg

New Zealand

Alcohol Drug Technology (ADT)
Multiple locations throughout New Zealand
W: https://www.adt.net.nz/contact-us/
P: 0800 ADT (238) 800
E: Contact ADT NZ


King's Safetynet
849 O.L. Liongson Building, Tomas
Mapua St. Sta. Cruz,
Manila 1003
P: (+63) 742 0168
F:  (+63) 712 8055
E: info@kingsafetynet.com

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