Wall mounted breathalyser

Andatech Soberlive FRX

Wall mounted breathalyser with facial recognition for user verification during breath alcohol tests together with temperature screening. Sync data via Andalink.

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Contactless Temperature Screening
Breathalyser with Facial Recognition

Screen employees and visitors for temperature and sobreity and connect it to an access system to control access to your premises. Best of all - our system is contactless, fast, accurate and synced online.

How the Soberlive FRX works

1. Stand in front of the Soberlive FRX and face the camera

2. The Soberlive FRX will identify your face instantly and screen your temperature

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to take an alcohol breath test by blowing into the sampling cup

4. Soberlive FRX snaps a picture and sends your temperature and alcohol test results to your Andalink account

Breathalyser with
Facial Recognition

Suitable for workplaces to enforce alcohol testing policy and can double as employee time attendance (logging the employee's ID, alcohol and body temperature test results, and time of entry)

Temperature Screening
and Mask Detection

Scans the user's body temperature in less than 1 second and can be enabled to ensure the user is wearing a mask before entering the premises.

Fast, Hygienic, Contactless

Non Contact Temperature and Alcohol Screening

Test each employee or visitor for their temperature and alcohol result in less than 10 seconds with the Soberlive FRX's instant facial recognition, 1-second temperature screening and fast alcohol breath testing.


Advanced Fuel Cell Technology

The Soberlive FRX breathalyser's fuel cell sensor is accurate to +/-5% and accurately analyses breath samples, providing BAC test results up to 3 decimal places.

Large Internal Memory

Stores 10,000 registered faces, and 2,000 test results in its internal memory.

Store more faces and test results on the cloud when you sign up for an Andalink management plan

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial ID Employees Instantly

The Andatech Soberlive FRX's state-of-the-art facial recognition technology allows instant verification of employees for quick and efficient temperature screening and BAC testing on site.

*Guest mode is also available for visitors


Triple Face Verification System

To prevent having a sober buddy take an alcohol test on someone's behalf, the Soberlive FRX utilises a facial verification feature 3 times- once before the test, once during the test (snaps a photo of the testee), and once more after the test.

Live Temperature and Alcohol Breath Test Results Online

Check each test record instantly on your Andalink account

When anyone takes a test on the Soberlive FRX, it takes a picture of the subject blowing into the device. This, plus the user's body temperature, alcohol breath test result and any additional details included during the test, is synced with your Andalink account almost instantly.

Connects to

A secure, cloud-based software that bridges the Soberlive FRX with a state-of-the-art traceability system.

Ease of Use

Easy-read dashboards, email notifications and more.

Secure Cloud Storage

Our website is secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and link encryption, so everything is safely stored on the cloud and available for future reference.  

Synchronisation of Multiple Devices, at Multiple Locations   

The platform is accessible anytime, and anywhere. Just log in, and you can view past records from multiple Andatech devices (must be Andalink-compatible) located anywhere.

Ideal for Remote Sites

Employees can take each test on their own without the need for someone else to administer the test. The Soberlive FRX links every test result to the registered face/ user.

The Soberlive FRX can be set up using 3 methods of connection, including Ethernet, WiFi, and 4G for remote sites. Highly durable, the Soberlive FRX can be used even in extreme temperatures, ranging from -10 - 50 degrees Celsius.

Can be connected to a gate access system* to monitor attendance and control access based on temperature and BAC test results.

*please contact us for this option


Cloud Storage

Stores up to 20,000 registered faces and 5,000 test records* online per device, accessible 24/7 by administrators and managers. Perfect for record keeping, managing multiple sites, and multiple employees- all with an easy to use interface.

Check Andalink for pricing details

Administrator Access

Access administrator settings, check past records, or quickly register employees, clients, or visitors directly on the device.

Admin access on the Andalink allows full user registration, test results export and more.

Replaceable Sensor

Send only the sensor back for convenient calibration every 6 months, thus eliminating the need to send the whole device back each time.


Convenient to Use

Wall Mount Ready

Designed to be readily mounted onto a wall or onto a standing bracket (sold separately).

NFC Capable

The Soberlive FRX allows the use of NFC to track the attendance and test results of employees, along with controlling access to the device.

* Do contact us to learn more about this option

Wide Range of Applicable Venues and Industries  

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) still in our midst and its impacts expected to be long-lasting, temperature screening will no doubt become an integral part of not only workplaces but also medical facilities and public places with high human traffic.

The Soberlive FRX is designed for use in workplaces, rehabilitation centers, construction sites, logistics companies, airlines and other industries that conduct alcohol testing daily and are after a fast, efficient and cohesive system that also includes temperature screening.

Combined with advanced facial recognition technology and the option to connect it to a gate control access system, the Soberlive FRX's non contact testing is invaluable in helping to protect the health and safety of your organisation and employees.

Model No. Soberlive FRX
BAC Range 0.000% - 0.400%BAC
Sensor Type FxCell3 Fuel Cell Sensor
Accuracy ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC
Warm Up Time 30 - 60 seconds
Response Time Within 5 seconds at 0.10%BAC
Working Temperature -10 – 50°C, (Storage: -20 - 50°C)
Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, DC 12V 3A
Built-in Memory 10,000 registered faces, 2,000 test results
Andalink Memory (Cloud Storage) 20,000 registered faces, 5,000 test results (upgrade options available)
Infrared Temperature Sensor Accuracy within +/- 0.3°C, less than 1 second response rate
Camera 100W pixels
Connection Port USB
Network WIFI, 4G (optional), Ethernet
Humidity 20% to 95% RH
Includes Soberlive FRX, power cable, RS232 cable, user manual, 2 straw adaptors, 5 sampling cups, 2 keys (unlock to connect to bracket), 2 screws, 2 wall plugs
Product Weight 1243g
Dimensions H: 22cm, W: 20cm, D: 8.8cm
Warranty 1 year

Andatech Soberlive FRX Breathalyser
Fact Sheet

Andatech Soberlive FRX Breathalyser
User Manual

Andatech Soberlive FRX - Overview

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