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Connecting Hardware to Software

A secure, cloud based software that bridges the Prodigy 3 and the Soberlive FR with a state-of-the-art traceability system. With Andalink, managers can view, download, and manage reports for their employees alcohol results.

Keep your workplace alcohol-free

Having a workplace that is alcohol-free is of paramount importance for your company and its safety. It is for us as well. We understand your needs, so here at Andatech, we’ve developed a platform to help you manage just that: introducing, the Andalink. Andatech’s Andalink was developed in order to provide an easy and effective way to manage your devices, and to keep track of your employee’s compliance with your company's alcohol policy.


Quick and confidential

Every breathalyser test taken by our devices are fast, reliable, and confidential. All of the results will be readily available for viewing via our secure cloud-based platform. Our website is secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and link encryption.

Email notifications

Each device can also be set with a custom maximum alcohol limit (e.g. 0.00%BAC or 0.01%BAC) depending on your company policy. If a test is taken where an employee blows above the device’s set limit, the Andalink will send a notification email to the added email address, or multiple email addresses to notify those in charge.

No paperwork, no fuss

All you need to do is to have an employee blow into the registered device, and our platform will automatically upload the test results that can be viewed by management at any given time. These reports are always accessible by managers. These can be searched, filtered, and downloaded in CSV format at any place, and at any time using our cloud-based online platform.

Easy to use report management

Management and PiC’s are allowed to access and download breathalyser reports at any place, and any given time, and to automate reports of staff results via email.

All images, photos, test results and employee information are stored conveniently on the Andalink.

Andalink management plans are also available and include calibrations, upgraded test records storage on the cloud and other great benefits.

Easy- read dashboards

Andalink’s dashboard provides a quick and easy way to view your test data and results by the use of easy and accessible dashboards.

The employee’s other important details will be on your platform (until deletion) for future reference.

Added benefits

Manage workplace expectations by adhering to standards and protocols issued by the Australian government, and enforce workplace alcohol consumption regulations.

With Andalink, you’ll be able to achieve just that!

Manage your workplace alcohol testing policy with the Andalink

Usability Features


Andalink is compatible with the Prodigy 3, Soberlive, Soberlive FR and Soberlive FRX breathalysers

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