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Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX
Andatech AccessPoint FRX

Andatech AccessPoint FRX

Access Control System with Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition

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The latest essential for workplaces, health facilities and public venues, the Andatech Accesspoint FRX offers fast and accurate temperature detection and facial recognition ID to screen employees and visitors before they even enter your premises. With the ability to be connected to any access control system, the Accesspoint FRX can also automatically restrict access to those who are running a fever.

Equipped with power infrared thermal imaging technology, the Accesspoint FRX acts as your premises’ first line of defence, saving valuable time, eliminating direct physical contact and reducing the need for extra manpower when it comes to temperature screening. Combined with advanced settings such as guest/visitor mode, mask detection and real time data upload, the Accesspoint FRX is suitable not only for workplaces but also for schools, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and other high traffic venues.

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Contactless Temperature Screening
Access Control System
with Facial Recognition

Screen employees and visitors for their body temperature before they enter your premises. Connect it to your access controlled entrance or smart gates to allow or permit entry based on their temperature results. Benefit from a completely contactless and automated system that's fast, accurate and efficient.

How the Accesspoint FRX works

1. Stand in front of the Andatech Accesspoint FRX and face the device camera

2. The Accesspoint FRX will identify your face instantly and take your temperature

3. If your temperature is below the set limit (e.g. 38°C), the Accesspoint FRX grants you entry. If it's above the set limit, entry is denied.

4. The test result data is synced live with Andalink online

Infrared Thermal Imaging

High accuracy: ±0.3°C

Fast response rate: < 1 sec

Face Mask Detection

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition System

The Accesspoint FRX's state-of-the-art facial recognition technology allows instant verification of users for quick and efficient testing on-site.

Mask Detection

Enable mask detection on the Accesspoint FRX to enforce a mask-wearing rule on everyone before they enter your premises.

Connect to an Access Control System

Install at entrances to enforce screening

Test and record registered employees instantly as they enter the premises. For health facilities and public use, enable ‘Visitor Mode’ on the device to screen unregistered users such as guests, patients and contractors.

Instant Data Upload

The Accesspoint FRX automatically records and syncs test data online. Each record includes full data such as the user’s ID, name, the time and date, temperature result, device ID or location, and the user’s photograph taken during the test.

Connects to

A secure, cloud-based software that bridges the Accesspoint FRX with a state-of-the-art traceability system.

Easy Reporting

User-friendly dashboards, email notifications and comprehensive reporting.

Secure Cloud Storage

Our website is secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and link encryption, so everything is safely stored on the cloud and available for future reference.  

Synchronise Multiple Devices from Multiple Locations 

The platform is accessible anytime, and anywhere. Just log in to view test records across all sites and devices.

Safe and Efficient Contactless Screening

Traditional Temperature Measurement

- Direct contact with others

- Requires additional manpower

- Slow detection speed

- Low accuracy: ±1°C

- Slow response rate

Accesspoint FRX

- Contactless temperature screening

- Device can be left unattended

- High detection speed

- High accuracy: ±0.3°C

- Fast response rate: < 1 sec

Wall-Mounted or Cradle Stand Configuration

The Accesspoint FRX can be mounted onto a wall, on smart gates, or on a cradle stand (basic and advanced options available. Contact us for more information).

*Stands not included - contact us for options


Large Internal Memory

Stores 10,000 registered faces, and 2,000 test results in its internal memory.

Secure Cloud Storage

Stores up to 20,000 registered faces and 5,000 test records* online per device.
*more upgrade options available

Administrator Access

24/7 access to register new employees, check past records, export results and more.

Ideal for Remote Sites

Connect using Ethernet, WiFi, and 4G for remote sites.

Highly Durable

Use the device even in extreme temperatures,
from -10 ~ 50 °C.

Model No.


Body Temperature Detection

32 to 42.5°C




8 inch TFT LCD


2 Mega Pixel with visible light and infrared

Facial Recognition Distance

0.3 to 2m

Facial Recognition  Rate


Facial Recognition Identification Speed


Memory (built-in)

20,000 registered faces, 20,000 test results

Andalink memory (cloud storage)

20,000 registered faces,
20,000 test results (upgrade options available)


WIFI, 4G (optional), Ethernet

Extension Ports

1 USB, 1 RS232, 1 TTL, 1 switch signal, can connect to electric lock and access gates


Cortex - A53 Octa-Core 1.4GHz


8GB EMMC 5.1

Ambient Conditions

Operation: -10 to 75°C
Storage: -20 to 50°C
Humidity: 20% to 95%RH

Power supply

Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.8A,
Output: DC 12V 3A




23.7cm x 12.7cm x 1.8cm


1 year

Andatech Accesspoint FRX
Fact Sheet

Andatech Accesspoint FRX
User Manual

Andatech Accesspoint FRX - Overview

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