Construction in progress. No alcohol & drug influence on-site.

Carry out alcohol and drug testing on your construction workers with reliable breathalysers and drug test kits. Full compliance with your company's policy.

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Ensure a safe construction site for your workers.

Eliminate the risks of employees working under the influence.


of the Australian workforce in the construction industry took illicit substances.

— National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (2009)


fatalities in the construction industry with 2.2 fatalities per 100,000 workers.

— Safe Work Australia (2020)


serious claims in the construction industry with 15.2 incidence rate per 1,000 workers.

— Safe Work Australia (2020)

The right breathalysers & drug test kits for your company

3 steps to getting your company's alcohol & drug testing needs sorted.


Schedule a call with our sales team to decide on suitable breathalysers and drug test kits together with a calibration plan.


Receive the breathalysers and drug test kits within 5-7 days of making payment. 


Get reminders every 6 months to calibrate your breathalysers to ensure reliable performance.

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Accurate & reliable breath alcohol testing on-site

Suit your regular or ad hoc breath alcohol testing needs. Up to 5 years warranty with the Andatech Guarantee.

Easy-to-use saliva & urine drug test kits

Highly accurate. In accordance with your company’s alcohol & drug testing policy.

Alcohol & drug screening among employees arranged for you

Third party on-site alcohol & drug testing done by professionals.

✔️ Stringent quality control standards.
✔️ Equipment certified according to Australian Standards.
✔️ Compliant with your company’s policy.

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Our clients in the construction industry

Hansen Yuncken

Maintain an alcohol & drug-free working environment for your workers.

Ensure zero risk of accidents at construction sites caused by alcohol & drug influence. In compliance with Australian Standards.

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