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Public use breathalyser. Coin & wave payment options

Durable, easy-to-use wall mounted breathalyser. Simply blow through a drinking straw to take a test. Coin & wave payment options available.

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AS3547 certified: AS3547:1997

Sensor type: Replaceable fuel cell sensor

Testing mode: Specific testing only

Accuracy: ±0.005%BAC at 0.100%BAC

Response time: 6 seconds

Recovery time: 10 seconds

Calibration frequency: Unlimited tests, every 6 months

Compatible software: None

Built-in memory: None

Display: LCD screen

Power supply: AC: 110-240V 50-60Hz, 1A input / DC: 12V, 3A output

Weight: 3,500g

Dimensions: H: 33cm, W: 25.5cm, D: 9cm

Warranty: 3 years, extendable up to a lifetime under the Andatech Lifetime Guarantee

Includes Andatech Soberpoint 3, power cable, user manual.

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Convenient breath alcohol test for everyone

Wall mounted breathalyser for breath alcohol testing at building entrances and public spaces. Just push a button and blow through a straw. 

  • Accurate and reliable

    Accurate & reliable

    Accuracy of ±0.005 %BAC at 0.100 %BAC. Australian Standard AS3547:1997 certified. 

  • Fast icon

    Fast specific tests

    Response time of 6 seconds and recovery time of 10 seconds before the next test.

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    Announcement / promotion display

    Besides showing instructions for breath alcohol testing, the LCD screen can be used to display announcements.

  • money bag icon

    Monetisation potential

    Optional pay-per-test feature by accepting coins or cashless payment for each breath alcohol test.

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    No calibration downtime

    Replaceable sensor allows the breathalyser to function when one is sent for calibration.

Breath alcohol testing with a potential for monetisation

Pay-per-test features that are suitable for income generation at hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, and other licensed venues.

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Coin

    Andatech Soberpoint 3 Coin

    Accepts $1 and $2 coins. You can decide the cost for each test.

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wave

    Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wave

    Allows cashless payment with credit card, debit card, or payWave.

  • How to use the Andatech Soberpoint - step 1

    1. Press the button located on the side of Soberpoint 3 (or make a payment if using the Soberpoint 3 Coin or Wave versions)

  • How to use the Andatech Soberpoint - step 2

    2. Insert a straw and follow the instructions on screen.

  • How to use the Andatech Soberpoint - step 3

    3. The BAC test result will be displayed on the screen together with low, warning, or danger indication.

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Andatech breathalysers lifetime guarantee

Extended Guarantee up to a Lifetime

Calibrate your Andatech breathalyser every 6 months to extend its standard manufacturer's warranty up to a lifetime.

Manage calibration easily with Andatech Calibration Plans

Learn more about Lifetime Guarantee
  • View and download the user manual for the Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wall-Mounted Breathalyser

    User Manual 
  • View and download the fact sheet for the Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wall-Mounted Breathalyser

    Fact Sheet 

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