Handheld breathalyser

Andatech Sentry

Baton style handheld breathalyser for on-site quick breath alcohol tests regardless of surrounding lighting. No mouthpiece required. AS3547:1997 certified.
Maximum quantity available reached.

Fast screening of workers’ breath alcohol

Easy-to-use baton-style breathalyser for ad hoc breath alcohol screening at work sites.

Accurate & reliable

Accuracy of ±0.01 %BAC at 0.10 %BAC. Australian Standard AS3547:1997 certified.

Fast passive tests

Test up to 12 people per minute. Response time of 2 seconds and recovery time of 3 seconds.

Built-in LED light

Doubles as a traffic baton and flashlight for low lighting environments.

Audible results & alerts

Buzzer alarm that beeps once for zero BAC, repeatedly for low BAC, and long for high BAC.

Built-in magnet

Attachable to vehicles and other metal structures to prevent drop damage.

Export data to your PC

Export your employees' breath alcohol data to a PC with the USB cable. Download software for this.

Carry out a breath alcohol test even if the subject is unconscious

Pick up breath alcohol concentration from exhaled breath using manual sampling mode by placing the blow cap near the subject's mouth.

Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash
Andatech 5 year guarantee for industrial breathalysers

5 years extended manufacturer’s guarantee

Calibrate your breathalyser at least once every 12 months to extend its guarantee for up to 5 years.

Learn more about Andatech Guarantee.

How the Andatech Sentry works


Press the power button and the device will warm up.


Blow into the blow cap when the screen shows 'go'.


The result will be displayed in both passive and normal modes.