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Quantisal™ is the leading laboratory-based oral fluid drug test, combining advanced laboratory procedures with simple, dignified specimen collection. It offers anytime, anywhere sample collection, eliminating the need for restrooms and addressing gender concerns. The direct observation reduces tampering risks. Quantisal™ provides a comprehensive testing menu for 21 drug groups.


  • Volume adequacy indicator ensures enough specimen is collected
  • 1mL +/-10% oral fluid needed
  • Non-invasive specimen collections
  • Collect samples anywhere
  • Observed collection protects from specimen tampering or adulteration
  • Excellent indication of recent drug use
  • No artificial stimulants 
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Secure oral fluid samples to screen for 21 different drug types

Effortless and non-intrusive oral fluid sampling

  • Amphetamine/MDA

    Cannabinoids (Marijuana)





  • Benzodiazepines

  • Fentanyl

  • Tramadol
    Tricyclic Antidepressants

  • 1. Verify expiration date and ensure a 10-minute fasting period before specimen collection.

  • 2. Direct the donor to open the package, remove the collector, encourage them to move their tongue side to side to gather saliva, and ensure the device's tip remains pointing downward for expedited collection.

  • 3. Direct the donor to position the collector under the tongue, keep the head down to allow gravity to assist with saliva collection, and stress the importance of not chewing on the pad, talking, or removing the collector from the mouth until the indicator turns BLUE or until 10 minutes have elapsed.

  • 4. Advise the donor to hold the transport tube upright, uncap it by pushing up with their thumb(s), avoid standing the tube on the table, and prevent any spillage or emptying of the liquid from the tube.

  • 5. Instruct donor to insert collector into the uncapped transport tube and replace cap.

  • 6. Secure the SNAP CAP tightly for transport, position the center of the specimen seal on top of the tube, press down on both sides, and then finalize the paperwork before sending the sample to the laboratory.

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  • Specimen Volume

    Quantisal™ has a unique volume adequacy indicator that ensures enough specimen for screening, confirmation and repeat testing. When the tip of the Quantisal collection wand turns blue 1mL (+/-10%) of oral fluid has been collected. This avoids the possibility of not enough specimen for testing or “Quantity Not Sufficient” (QNS) results.

  • No Artificial Stimulants

    Quantisal does not use artificial stimulants to increase saliva production. One study showed that oral fluid drug levels were 3.6 times HIGHER in specimens that were not stimulated compared to those collected after acid stimulation.

  • Drug Recovery

    The amount of drug recovered from the Quantisal™ collection device provides confidence that even low levels of drug are detected. For most drugs, especially Marijuana (THC) , the amount of drug recovered from Quantisal™ is significantly higher than in other devices.

  • Stability

    The buffer from the transport tube stabilizes the specimen once it has been collected. Research shows that most drugs are very stable in oral fluid with the exception of Marijuana (THC). THC may degrade rapidly in oral fluid in uncontrolled temperatures. The stability of THC in Quantisal™ at room temperature, refrigerated and frozen is far superior to other devices.

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