Ignition interlock device

Andatech ALX3000

Ignition interlock breathalyser designed for voluntary personal use or company use. Pass the breath alcohol test before starting the vehicle. Discreet design.
Maximum quantity available reached.

Drive safely. Strictly no alcohol in your driver seat. 

Connected to your car's ignition system, Andatech ALX3000 requires you to submit a breath sample before you can start your car.

Accurate & reliable

Accuracy of ±0.005 %BAC at 0.100 %BAC. 

Fast specific tests

Response time of 10 seconds and recovery time of less than 30 seconds.

Large internal memory

Store up to 500 test results within the device and 500,000 test results in the control box.

Discreet design

Compact and easily concealable so that your business is just that- your business. 

Works in all climates

Operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C.

Breath alcohol testing before starting your car and during the journey.

Optional feature of rolling retest, to ensure no alcohol is consumed after the first successful test, is available.

  • Only occurs ONCE during the drive and can be set to occur 5-60 minutes after the engine is started.
  • If the retest fails, the lights from the handset and car will flash and an alarm sound will play until the engine is switched off.
  • Failing the retest will get the driver locked out for 15 minutes.

Available only in Victoria, Australia at the moment

Please read the FAQs before purchasing.

How the Andatech ALX3000 works


Turn on the device after getting into your driver seat.


Blow into the device until the buzzer makes a sound.


Your blood alcohol concentration result will be displayed on the screen.


Wait a maximum of 5 minutes to take the test again if the first test failed.