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Urine and saliva drug testing: FAQs

Drug test kits for workplace use

Drug test kits are commonly used in many different settings, most notably pre-employment screenings. Many workplaces that are safety-sensitive tend to conduct drug screening during different instances, such as at random, post-accidents or if there is reasonable suspicion.

Individuals may also be tested for substance abuse by law enforcement offices or by medical practitioners. With that being said, it’s essential to understand how the testing process works to make more informed decisions when the time comes for us to conduct a drug test.

Are urine and saliva drug test kits accurate?

Urine and saliva drug test kits can provide accurate results, especially when used correctly and in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. They are mainly used to screen for recent use of drugs and are popular screening methods used by most organisations and establishments.

Choose high-quality drug test kits from reputable brands like DrugSense that comply with Australian Standards cut-off limits to ensure the most accurate results.

Are urine drug test kits more accurate than saliva testing?

Urine drug test kits can be more accurate than saliva testing because they generally have a longer detection window for certain substances compared to saliva testing. However, both drug testing methods are accurate depending on the intended detection window the tester would like to know.

Essentially, selecting the appropriate test method should be based on the context and purpose of testing.

Are there any other drug test kits?

Hair follicle testing and blood testing are other forms of screening drugs. These methods are usually more tedious and expensive compared to the convenience of saliva and urine testing and tend to have a longer detection window.

These methods are usually conducted in professional laboratories and are considered more invasive than their urine and saliva counterparts. 

Do false results happen in drug test kits?

False results can happen in drug test kits and can be caused by a number of different factors, including the quality of the test kit, specimen collection and handling, external contaminations, and individual factors such as age, gender, diet or any underlying health condition.

If you suspect that your drug test kit is producing a false result, a confirmatory test will need to be administered to ensure the right results.

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What drugs can be detected using these test kits?

A total of 15 different major drug groups can be detected using drug test kits from Andatech. However, different manufacturers may not detect the same number of drug groups. The number of drugs to be detected also varies depending on the method of testing.

Andatech’s DrugSense DSO8 Plus, which was recently verified for compliance with the latest Australian Standard AS/NZS 4760:2019, is an easy-to-use oral drug test kit that detects nine major drug groups, including methamphetamines, opioids, marijuana, and even alcohol, among others.

The Maxi Clear 15 is a urine drug test kit available from Andatech that has also been verified to Australian Standards and can detect up to 15 drugs while also taking into consideration potential adulterants like pH level, oxidants and others.

How long can drugs be detected using these testing kits?

Drugs can be detected using saliva drug test kits usually up to 48 hours after the last use, while urine test kits can detect drug metabolites up to six weeks after the last use depending on a number of factors such as the type of drug, frequency of use and individual factors like metabolic rate, age, gender, hydration and more.

For longer usage periods, hair follicle drug testing can detect drugs up to 90 days after last use. Typically, below is a table of drugs and typical detection window:


Oral Specimen

Urine Specimen


5 – 48 hours

Up to 3 days


5 – 48 hours

Up to 3 days


5 – 48 hours

2 to 4 days


5 – 48 hours

Up to 3 days


5 – 48 hours

14 to 30 days


5 – 48 hours

Up to 3 days


5 – 48 hours

3 days in therapeutic use and up to 6 weeks for chronic users

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How do I use these screening tools?

Different drug test kits from different manufacturers would have different instruction guidelines to follow for the most accurate results. In this section, we’ll provide guidelines to follow for the DrugSense DSO8 oral drug test kit and the DrugSense DSU11 urine drug test kit.

How to use an oral drug test kit?

To use the DSO8 Plus drug test kit, follow the five steps below:

  1. Remove the unit from its protective foil cover

  2. Unscrew the sponge collector from the test cup

  3. Let the collector sit in your/the test subject’s mouth for up to 3 minutes to soak the collector with saliva

  4. Place the sponge back into the test cup

  5. Results are ready in 10 minutes.

How to use a urine drug test kit?

To use the DSU11 drug testing kit, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Remove the unit from the protective foil cover and label the test cup with the test subject information

  2. Deposit urine sample into the testing cup

  3. Ensure the temperature validation strip is in the green indicator to verify freshly collected urine

  4. Read drug test results in 5 minutes

  5. Results are void after 10 minutes

Can drug test kits detect alcohol?

Drug test kits can detect alcohol depending on the manufacturer and the model of the test kit. The DrugSense DSO8 Plus can detect alcohol of up to 0.02% BAC, while the DSU11 urine test kit can detect alcohol of up to 0.04% BAC.

Notes for readers

The accuracy of drug test kits depends on a number of different individual factors, external influences and quality of testing. To ensure accurate results, we have prepared some steps that should be followed for the best results.

  1. Ensure the purchased drug test kit is from a reputable supplier

  2. Officials administering the test should be properly trained, preferably certified to HLTPAT005

  3. Ensure proper collection and handling of specimens

  4. Control the test environment to avoid any attempts to manipulate the test

  5. Maintain a strict chain of custody protocol

  6. Create clear guidelines for alcohol and drug testing at the workplace

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