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All you need to know about Andatech Calibration Management Plans

As more Australians become concerned with personal safety, the use of breathalysers are no longer only seen in the workplace, law enforcement or healthcare. Today, Australians from all walks of life own breathalysers to monitor their blood alcohol content to avoid drink driving accidents and stay safe when on the road.

All breathalyser types, be it personal or industrial, need to be calibrated periodically to ensure accurate readings. Calibration refers to the process of adjusting the device to ensure it provides accurate and consistent readings.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of breathalyser calibration, what a calibration management plan is, how Andatech’s calibration management plan works and why you should subscribe to the Andatech calibration management plan.

Why is calibration necessary?

All measuring devices, including scales, thermometers and even breathalysers require calibration to reset the sensor responsible for making the measurements because as the breathalyser is used over time, the sensor may lose its accuracy.

This can lead to incorrect readings and false positives or negatives which could have serious consequences, especially in environments that are safety sensitive such as construction or mining sites. Proper breathalyser calibration can help ensure the safety of individuals and communities by identifying impaired individuals and deterring drunk driving.

For Andatech and AlcoSense breathalysers, regular calibration will extend the unit’s initial warranty to a lifetime guarantee.

What is a calibration management plan?

Manufacturers of breathalysers will usually recommend their units to be calibrated periodically by the number of tests or by time period (usually between six to 12 months).

A calibration management plan is a comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of calibration, mainly the regular calibration process, transportation, additional mouthpieces, email reminders, shipping labels and more.

Andatech’s calibration management plan involves a one-time payment which will have the unit regularly calibrated every six months. Customers can choose between different calibration plans that suit their individual needs.

How does Andatech's calibration management plan work?

By registering for an Andatech calibration plan, customers can will go through a simple process to calibrate their units without having to travel to the calibration centre in Melbourne. Here is how the calibration management plan process works.

  1. Receive reminder email – Customers that sign up for the management plan will receive a reminder email for their breathalyser calibration date, and they will need to confirm or update their shipping address before they receive the correct shipping label through email.
  2. Send the breathalyser in – The customer will have to pack the breathalyser safely and post it to Andatech with the shipping label that was sent through email.
  3. Receive the breathalyser – Once the unit has been calibrated, Andatech will post it back to the customer. The calibrated unit will be received within 14 working days, depending on the customer's location.

During the calibration process, a series of checks will be carried out to ensure that the device is performing optimally and that the breathalyser’s accuracy is in line with the standards set out by Australian Standards.

Users will also enjoy savings free mouthpieces, savings on each calibration and more when registering for a calibration management plan.

It’s worth noting that all Andatech and AlcoSense breathalysers are Australian Standard AS 3547 certified while the Andatech Melbourne calibration centre is NATA accredited for measuring breath alcohol readings with high levels of accuracy.

Benefits of Andatech's calibration management plan

To sum it up, Andatech calibration management plans are essential in maintaining the accuracy of your breathalyser, be it a personal unit or an industrial handheld or wall-mounted unit. Other benefits of the calibration management plan include:

  1. Savings on each calibration – Avoid having to pay one-time calibration fees and expensive shipping fees for each breathalyser. Calibration management plans have a one-time payment which includes shipping costs.
  2. Reduce downtime – Regular calibration can detect and prevent issues before they become significant problems.
  3. Receive reminders – Our regular reminders will reduce the need for customers to remember important calibration dates.
  4. Get a lifetime guarantee – By calibrating your breathalyser regularly, the unit’s initial three-year warranty will be extended to a lifetime guarantee

Explore different calibration plans to find one that suits you best, or contact us if you have any questions about calibration at Andatech.

To prolong your breathalyser’s life, study these tips for maintaining your breathalyser.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general reference only. Please seek advice from professionals according to your business’s needs.

Written by Sudirman Ng

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