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Breathalyser Calibration

for Andatech and AlcoSense breathalysers

The calibration service is important to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of your breathalyser. We recommend 6-month calibrations on our breathalysers. All our alcohol breath testers are serviced by our in-house technicians using professional equipment. A calibration booking must be made online or over the phone prior to you sending it back.

Have you Registered your Breathalyser?

Create an account, register your breathalyser/s and receive calibration reminders in your email. You can also upload your proof of purchase for warranty purposes and book in calibrations when needed.

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Book in a Calibration for your Andatech or AlcoSense Breathalyser

You have two options for getting your breathalyser calibrated.

One-Off Calibration Booking

Book just a standard calibration service and choose your own add-ons at an extra charge.

Book in a calibration online on CalTrace or over the phone

From $45 per calibration + $18 for return shipping

5 business days, excluding shipping times to and fro

Yearly Plan for Calibration Management

Subscribe to a yearly plan, which includes 2 calibrations, shipping costs and priority calibration.

No bookings required. We'll email you every 6 months

From $90 for 2 calibrations including shipping

1-2 business days, excluding shipping times to and fro

Have more questions on calibrations?

Call our support team for a quick chat, or visit our calibration FAQs page for more handy information to questions such as "Why do I need to calibrate my breathalyser?"


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