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Breathalyser Calibration

for Andatech and AlcoSense breathalyzers

The calibration service is important to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of your breathalyser. We recommend 6-month calibrations on our breathalysers. All our alcohol breath testers are serviced by our in-house technicians using professional equipment.

What is Calibration?

In short, it's a process where your breathalyser has its sensor checked against a controlled solution and then 'adjusted' to read accurately again- think of it as a car servicing to keep things up and running.

Calibration Frequency

We recommend calibration every 6 months to maintain their accuracy during breathalyser tests. Some personal models may require calibration sooner if they exceed 200 or 500 tests.

Calibration Process

Your breathalyser needs to come back to one of our calibration centres either by mail or a drop-off. A calibration booking must be made online or over the phone prior to you sending it back.

Calibration Cost

Calibrations start from $45 per service, excluding shipping. The calibration management plans are a cheaper option starting from $85 per year for 2 calibrations plus shipping costs.

Book in a Calibration for your Andatech or AlcoSense Breathalyser

You have two options for getting your breathalyser calibrated.

One-Off Calibration Booking

Book just a standard calibration service and choose your own add-ons at an extra charge.

Book in a calibration online on CalTrace or over the phone

From $45 per calibration + $18 for return shipping

5 business days, excluding shipping times to and fro

Yearly Plan for Calibration Management

Subscribe to a yearly plan, which includes 2 calibrations, shipping costs and priority calibration.

No bookings required. We'll email you every 6 months

From $90 for 2 calibrations including shipping

1-2 business days, excluding shipping times to and fro

More Information on Calibrations

Express Calibration Drop Offs - Next Business Day Pick Up

Due to the evolving risks of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking strict measures to enforce social distancing and minimise physical contact between people.

Bookings are required for drop off and pick up.

As a result, express calibrations for breathalysers that are dropped off in our office will only be ready in 24 hours on the next business day.

Customers are advised to drop off their device in our office and return the next business day for pick up, or arrange for it to be mailed back instead. Waiting inside or outside our office premises is strictly prohibited.

Please understand that this is to protect the health and safety of our staff and all customers, and will be strictly enforced without exceptions.

Calibration Turnaround Times and Prices

The following are the calibration turnaround times, excluding delivery times to and from our calibration centre.

Service Type Turnaround Time Price

Standard / One-Off
Calibration Booking

5 business days

Personal Breathalysers:
$45 per service

Workplace Breathalysers:
$90 per service

ALX3000 Interlock:
$100 per service (please contact us to arrange)

Express Calibration

24 hours (Next business day)

Additional $15 charge

(Yearly calibration plan)

2 business days

Personal Breathalysers:
$90 for 2 calibrations + standard return shipping

Workplace Breathalysers:
$185 for 2 calibrations + standard return shipping

(Yearly calibration plan)

1 business day

Personal Breathalysers:
$115 for 2 calibrations + express return shipping

Workplace Breathalysers:
$255 for 2 calibrations + express return shipping

Please note that delays are usually expected during holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year's. We advise sending back your breathalyser for calibration early during these times.

The prices above are for calibration only and exclude any add-ons (such as express calibration, express shipping, mouthpieces, calibration certificate) and repairs.


Calibrations for New Zealand Customers

Andatech and AlcoSense alcohol breath testers can be calibrated with our New Zealand partner, ADT (Alcohol Drug Technology).

Contact ADT on 0800 238 800 for calibrations.

For warranty issues, please contact us first.

Find a Calibration Centre

We currently have 2 calibration centres in Australia - one in Victoria and one in NSW.

When you make the calibration booking online, you will be given the option to choose either calibration centre, depending on the alcohol tester model that you have.

We also have a growing number of calibration centres in other parts of Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam for selected Andatech Breathalysers.

Contact us to find an authorised calibration centre near you

Drop Off and Pick Up (VIC only)

You can drop off your breathalyser and pay for calibration at our Victoria office:

Address: 9 Trade Place, Vermont VIC 3133

Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Standard turnaround time: 5 business days

Express turnaround time: Next business day (extra $15 charge)

We will send you an SMS or email when your breathalyser is ready for pick up.

Bookings are required for drop off and pick up.


How often do I need to calibrate my breathalyser?

We recommend calibrating your breathalyser every 6 months to maintain its accuracy.


Note on calibrations

  • The calibration service is not covered by warranty.
  • Faulty / damaged units cannot be calibrated but they can be repaired. To send a breathalyser for repair, follow the steps on the Warranty and Returns page.
  • Breathalysers purchased from Andatech Pty Ltd or any of our authorised resellers come with a standard warranty (excluding calibration).
  • Breathalyser units that have been purchased from somewhere other than an Andatech Reseller/Agent will not be supported.

Have more questions on calibrations?

Call our support team for a quick chat, or visit our calibration FAQs page for more handy information to questions such as "Why do I need to calibrate my breathalyser?"


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