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According to the Australian Drug Foundation, 5% of all Australian workplace deaths and 11% of accidents are attributed to alcohol use.

With an estimated 62% of harmful drug and alcohol users in full-time employment, the need for workplace testing is a huge necessity not only in safety-critical industries such as construction and building, but also in white collar sectors.

Do you know if your employee is on alcohol or drugs?

Without the right alcohol or drug testing equipment, you would never know.

Andatech offers advice and training on alcohol and drug testing in the workplace, and can provide tailored solutions and management for small to large companies.

Additionally, Andatech is a drug and alcohol testing Australia service provider, offering not only drug testing services but also drug testing equipment such as breathalysers and drug test kits that are Australian Standards certified and compliant.

Make drug and alcohol testing simpler and more convenient with our alcohol and drug testing Australia wide service.

Start on-site drug testing from just 1 employee per year

Regardless of your company size, alcohol and drug testing could help you save time and money, and ensure the safety of your workplace and employees. Start on-site drug testing with Andatech and see the difference it can make.

Australian Standards AS3547 Certified Breathalysers

Drug Test Kits Compliant to Australian Standards AS4308 and AS4760

Trained sample collectors to come to your site(s) for sample collection

Secure electronic reporting of results

Alcohol and Drug Testing Australia Wide

We have sample collectors in every major city and state in Australia, including:

Australian Capital Territory
• Canberra

• Cairns
• Brisbane
• Gladstone
• Mackay
• Emerald
• Townsville

South Australia
• Adelaide

Western Australia
• Perth

• Melbourne

Northern Territory
• Darwin

New South Wales
• Parkes
• Sydney

• Devonport
• Hobart
• Launceston

If you are in a different location or would like to partner with us as a sample collector, contact our sales team on 1300 800 200.


Quality Control Standards

We follow a very stringent process from specimen collection to result reporting. Our trained professionals abide strictly to a chain custody procedure to ensure that the integrity of the specimen and results are not compromised. Our collectors are fully certified and accredited with a registered RTO. The certification include HLTPAT304D (Collect pathology specimens other than blood ) HLTPAT410D (Collect pathology specimens other than blood for specialised testing).

Australian Standards Certified
Drug and Alcohol Testing Equipment

For alcohol breath testing, we use Andatech Workplace Breathalysers, which are manufactured and calibrated to Australian Standards AS3547 to ensure the most accurate results. Our urine and oral drug testing kits also set to Australian Standards AS4308 and AS4760 cut-off levels, and able to test for all major drug groups, including marijuana, opiates, heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamines.

Fast, Reliable Results

We offer dependable turnaround times for all your drug results. Breath test results are available immediately with results available as a print-outs or in the device itself (test results can be exported to a computer for your records). Saliva drug test results are available within 10 minutes of testing. In a non-negative result scenario, a confirmatory test with a urine drug test is required and sent to a pathology lab for testing, and can be confirmed in 1 to 2 business days

Pidd, K, Roche, AM. (2011). Workplace drug testing: Evidence and issues. National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA), Flinders University, Adelaide.


Benefits of a workplace drug testing policy

Prevalence of use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs in Australia is significant.

Up to 7.7% of employees surveyed self-reported drug use at work, but the actual figures could be much higher.

The primary concern for misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is “fitness for work”, specifically whether a person can safely perform their duties or whether they are free from the effects of alcohol or other drugs. Implementing an alcohol and drug testing program can help to deter drug use in the workplace, educate employees on workplace safety, and ensure the organisation's compliance with safety and legislation.


Deter employees from coming to work affected by drugs and/or alcohol


Educate employees to not get caught by observing required time frames to allow drugs and alcohol to be metabolised from their system before coming to work


Reduce lost time, injuries and/or major incidents resulting from drugs / alcohol in the workplace


Ensure compliance with risk management items including drugs & alcohol factors in Quality systems or WHS systems, legislative requirements or even with principal clients or contract providers

Drug and Alcohol Third Party Sampling Service

A consultation with our team of experts can help you determine what your workplace needs for alcohol and drug testing, be it random testing, pre-employment testing, or regular drug testing. For organisations that conduct their own in-house testing, Andatech can provide alcohol and drug testing kits as well. Consult with us today to find out how we can help your organisation develop a reliable and efficient alcohol and drug testing process. We service clients in all industries, including

Factories and Manufacturing

Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas

Clinics and Medical Centres

Clubs and Licensed Venues

Corporate Workplaces

Logistics and Industrial

Transport and Fleets

F&B and Hospitality

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