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The benefits of BAC testing at business premises serving alcohol

The benefits of BAC testing at business premises serving alcohol - Andatech

Drinking is an inseparable part of Australian culture. To protect the people from the harmful effects of alcohol, the Australian government has implemented various alcohol laws and also has mandate all business owners and staff who serve alcohol at their business premises to undergo Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training regularly. While RSA training helps you identify intoxicated customers and assist them in drinking within appropriate limits, providing paid or complimentary BAC test for your customers is beneficial to your business.

Create a pleasant experience for your customers

Customers who have had too much to drink can sometimes become disruptive, with higher chances of causing a scene and upsetting others around them. As it is a priority for business owners to make sure that customers have an enjoyable dining and drinking experience, sometimes staff will have to decline requests for more alcohol from customers who are visibly drunk and offer them food and non-alcoholic beverages instead.

However, this might not be easy as those who are drunk are not usually aware of how intoxicated they are. Offering them a quick BAC test and referencing the results would be enough grounds to deny them more alcohol. This can effectively reduce commotions from happening so that your customers can have a pleasant experience at your business premise.

Ensure the safety of your customers

In Australia, 1 out of 5 drivers and riders killed in road accidents recorded a BAC over the legal limit of 0.05%BAC, according to the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria. The RSA training outlines that you, as the business owner, have the duty of care to take reasonable actions for avoiding foreseeable harm to your customers and their property. It would be hard to keep an eye on every customer to make sure that they do not go overboard with drinking.

Even though you are not able to forbid your customers from getting into the driver’s seat in an intoxicated state, providing easy BAC testing at your business premises helps your customers make informed decisions after drinking. As a business owner, you can help them call a friend or get them a taxi when their BAC reading is high, as part of the services you offer to ensure that they get home safely.

Promote awareness of responsible drinking

BAC is most probably not on top of your customers’ minds when they are having a good time drinking at your premises. Since every individual reacts to alcohol differently due to their metabolism and other factors, it can be difficult to tell if a customer is indeed intoxicated and should not be drinking any more alcohol based on the number of drinks they had.

The breathalysers you provide at the premises serve as a reminder for customers to pay attention to their BAC when they have fun. Customers can even play a game of ‘guess the BAC level’ of one another to stay aware of their respective intoxication levels. Your customers would appreciate your thoughtfulness in prioritising their wellness.


It is convenient to install a wall mounted breathalyser at your business premises so that your customers can help themselves with the BAC testing before leaving. They can perform BAC testing according to the instructions displayed using a straw and get results within seconds. You can even opt for the paid version that receives coin payments per test to generate a small income for your business.