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Breathalyser Training Courses

Online or In-House Alcohol Testing Course

In addition to our high quality workplace breathalysers, Andatech also offers alcohol testing training programs that can be tailored to your organisation's specific needs. Our training is convenient and cost-effective, and can be held in-house or completed online.

In-House Breathalyser Training Course

Get trained in person by our very own breathalyser specialist.

For 2-8 people, 2 hours per session

Conducted in our office (Vermont, VIC) or at your specified location

  • Includes training materials, breathalyser unit for training, and final assessment

Online Breathalyser Training

Complete an online training course and get certified online.

One training course per person. Bulk discounts apply for larger teams

Complete the course online using your own breathalyser

Complete at your own pace. The certificate is issued online upon passing the assessment

Collection: Breathalyser Training

Ensure that your workplace alcohol testing staff and procedures are accurate and fully compliant with our standards. To make an enquiry or book a training session, please contact us. Alternatively, check out the online alcohol breath tester training options below to start immediately.

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More Information on Breathalyser Training

Our alcohol breath tester training is a great way to ensure that staff conducting in-house breathalyzer testing using our industrial breathalysers are fully equipped and knowledgeable on how alcohol affects the body, factors that affect BAC readings, and how to use the testing equipment properly. To find out more about the breathalyser training courses and the differences between in-house and online training, please read the information below. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact us our sales team to enquire.

Each breathalyser training module includes:

  • How alcohol affects the human body
  • Procedures for testing correctly
  • How to use and maintain your industrial breathalyser
  • Breathalyser training final assessment
  • Certificate of Competency upon successful completion

Get trained in person by our very own breathalyser specialist.

The in-house training will fully equip you and your staff to conduct alcohol testing correctly with our industrial breathalysers. The training can also be tailored to your organisation's specific policy and requirements.

Choosing the in-house training option is great if you have a large team and would like everyone to be trained at the same time.

Additionally, the in-house training option includes:

  • two hours of in-depth explanations of each module
  • all training materials
  • a breathalyzer unit to use during the training session
  • a Q&A session to answer any questions or uncertainties
  • a final assessment at the end of the session
  • a Certificate of Competency for each participant upon successful completion of the course and assessment

Prices start from $313.50 inc GST per session, however discounts apply for larger teams. Please contact us to enquire.


Complete the online breathalyser training at your own pace using our online training platform.

The online breathalyser training course is ideal for companies in remote areas or those with multiple locations, where multiple employees will be conducting in-house breathalyzer testing.

The course can be completed on our online training platform using your own breathalyser unit. Each participant's progress is also trackable on the platform.

The final assessment is conducted online at the end of the session, and a digital Certificate of Competency is provided upon successful completion.

The online course is affordably priced at $139 inc GST per person.

Bulk discounts are available for larger teams. Please contact us to enquire.

Find out more about Breathalyser Training

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