Saliva drug test kit

DrugSense DSO8 Plus

Detect AMP, COC, MET, OPI, THC, BZO, OXY & K2 through saliva in 1 test. Easy to use. Non-invasive. Cut-off levels comply with AS/NZS4760:2019.
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Detect 8 drug groups in saliva with one test

Cut-off levels comply with AS/NZS4760:2019.

Drug groupsCut-off levels
AMP - Amphetamine50ng/ml
COC - Cocaine50ng/ml
K2 - Synthetic THC 25ng/ml
BZO - Benzodiazepines50ng/ml
OXY - Oxycodone40ng/ml
METH - Methamphetamine50ng/ml
OPI - Opiates50ng/ml
THC - Cannabis metabolites15ng/ml

How to use DrugSense DSO8 Plus


Unscrew the sponge collector from the test cup.


Place the sponge collector into the subject's mouth, and let it sit for 3 minutes or until the sponge becomes fully saturated.


After the sample has been taken, firmly screw the sponge collector back into the test cup.


Wait for the coloured lines to appear. Within 10 minutes, peel off the label along the indicated line to view the test results.