We are a passionate team of writers and staff who have been united by our common goal – to provide valuable insight and resources on drug and alcohol testing. We take pride in our commitment to provide accurate information that is easily accessible to all readers. We understand the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for those who are affected by substance misuse, and we believe that knowledge is power when it comes to prevention.
  • Irwandy Tan

    In 2003, Irwandy founded Andatech in Australia when personal breathalysers were a novelty with questionable accuracy. This led to the launch of AlcoSense Pro, the first affordable personal breathalysers certified under Australian Standard AS3547. Today, Andatech provides alcohol and drug testing solutions to help industrial players create an alcohol and drug-free working environment on-site and at workplaces. 

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  • Jaka Exstrada

    Since 2017, Jaka has been providing consultation for alcohol and drug testing policies to companies in various industries, such as mining, transport, construction, and medical, in Australia. As an accredited Drug and Alcohol Officer for Drug Abuse Testing, he brings valuable insight to companies that want to create and maintain an alcohol and drug-free working environment for the safety of their employees, as well as to ensure the efficiency of on-site operations.

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  • Stephen Barker

    An Andatech veteran of 15 years, Steve has been at the heart of the organisation since its foundation. Having thoroughly studied breathalysers, drug test kits and other safety equipment in Andatech’s inventory (and beyond), Steve is uniquely positioned to write about real-life applications of breathalysers and drug test kits. Whether you’re looking to learn more about alcohol and drug testing in Australia or contemplating the right breathalyser for you, Steve can help.

  • Chris Wright

    As a client engagement specialist with Andatech, Chris is an experienced professional with a deep understanding of workplace safety in mining, agriculture, transport, procurement and more. Chris is passionate about building relationships with clients, understanding unique workplace safety needs, and delivering according to expectations. His deep pool of experience is translated into blog posts written exclusively for Andatech, educating the public on everything workplace safety.

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  • Dave Tagavi

    Having climbed up the ranks at Andatech, Dave has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with breathalyser calibration and product technology, eventually leading him to the position of Technical Services Team Leader today. With a background in electrical engineering, the ever-helpful Dave Tagavi often contributes to technical blog posts, and calibration queries while also managing Andatech’s calibration centre in Melbourne.

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  • Sudirman Ng

    Actively on the lookout for the latest innovative technologies that can improve people's quality of life, Sudirman works closely with our factories to develop new products incorporating the latest technologies, features and standards through brands such as AlcoSense, Ionmax, DrugSense, and MedSense. He is the go-to person for technical questions when it comes to understanding the specifications of a product and troubleshooting an error that occurs.

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  • Wafi Rashid

    Wafi is a passionate writer keen on creating a difference in workplace safety through the spread of knowledge, helping Australians stay informed and stay safe. His deep interest in workplace safety spurs him to be committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in Australia. If you’re looking for someone to help you with safety compliance or are looking to learn more about health and safety procedures at the Australian workplace, Wafi is the person to turn to.

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  • Vivien Mah

    Vivien carries over 10 years of experience in workplace health and safety, dealing with breathalysers, drug test kits and other safety equipment. As a highly experienced professional, Vivien’s attention to detail and meticulousness helps ensure that information on Andatech is always accurate and up-to-date. This, paired with excellent customer service and marketing skills, makes her Andatech’s go-to person when it comes to drug and alcohol testing at the workplace and beyond.

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