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Efficient and Great Value

I purchased this thermometer after a previous thermometer let me down. It is so easy to use and extremely quick and accurate.
Great value item.

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers

Top Job

Excellent service, quick turnaround, Highly recommended

Best $269 I've ever spent

I have one in my car, and one on the boat. This product is fantastic - easy to use, reliable and accurate. It's also a great way to get to know and understand your own alcohol metabolism. Me and my wife can have the same number of drinks, but our readings will be completely different because I'm twice the size of her and tend to metabolise alcohol very efficiently. Always good to know and have peace of mind before driving. And if you're a little over, you can always drink water and wait until you're under. Everyone should have one in their car and use before driving.


Easy to order and received on time.

Good service

Product is gre6

Am very pleased with this product

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers

Really easy and worthwhile


Always great service


Works very well. Very happy with product.

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers

Very happy with the service.

Eye opener

After a night out with friends, I would wake up feeling 100% fine and get in my car with little thought that I would register on any BAC test. My eyes were opened after I purchased the Andatech wing mate. Being small and lean in stature, I had no idea that my body didn't process alcohol at the same rate as someone larger than me. I am now very conscious of when I should and shouldn't drive a vehicle and haven't got behind with wheel with even the lowest of readings. With the calibration system I am also safe in the knowledge that it will be checked for accuracy and serviced promptly and efficiently every six months.

I find it useful to learn about my (and friends) alcohol level. It’s educative. Also safe in the knowledge that it will be checked for accuracy and serviced every six months.


This breath meter is excellent I’m using it daily, it’s keeping me on track, and I can adjust what I eat to my results, quick delivery to NZ and very good communication, I see the KETOSCAN mini being in my kit on my keto journey for a long time thanks 😁

Great Little Unit

This Ionmax Selah air purifier is a great addition to our modestly sized flat. The compact and stylish design is easy to move around from room to room if needed. The fan noise is fairly low and we can sleep ok with it on level 2 in the bedroom. I like to leave it on level 3 by day, and turn it up to full turbo level for a while if for example there's a burnt smell from the kitchen to deal with. The touch control panel is highly responsive and easy to use, and I leave the ionisation and UV C lamp function on all the time. Only needing to replace the 3 stage HEPA filter every 6 months or so is a low maintenance bonus. The air quality in our flat is definitely improved, and this is an all around great little unit for the price.

KetoScan Mini Ketone Breath Meter

Giving it a whirl

My two spring frother works so well I had to use a bigger jug

Calibration Management For Personal Breathalysers

Milk Frother

I received my online purchase quickly from Andatech. The Lifespring Milk Frother works very well. It is fast and powerful and I really like being able to detach the impeller for cleaning and change the impeller for a different result. It is a fabulous piece of equipment. I'm very happy with it.

Wrong Name

Please refer to previous emails. My name is Jackie! I have already submitted a review. All good.

Excellent little unit

A perfect size to squeeze into the bathroom or bedroom. Quite a bit of heat comes off it, which is welcome on a cool day but can’t use it on a hot day at all. We knew this when we purchased, so no problem. Very happy with how much moisture it takes out of a room.