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Whitepaper - Developing a Drug & Alcohol Policy: Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Including Drug & Breath Tests

Developing a drugs and alcohol policy

The most successful drug and alcohol policies are established with a highly consultative approach, use expert advice, and focus on the public health and risk management approach to avoid having testing regimes damage productivity and workers’ trust.

Drug and Alcohol Policies are an essential component of managing workplace risks for many industries, especially for those with the highest risks of catastrophic industrial accidents such as construction, transport, mining, and manufacturing. Drug and alcohol testing is rapidly becoming an attractive tool in managing drug and alcohol-related risks.

What you get from this whitepaper: 

  • How alcohol and drugs affect the workplace, from health issues to productivity risks
  • Types of approaches enterprises can take on drugs and alcohol
  • Creating an awareness culture in the workplace
  • Factors to consider in a drug and alcohol policy
  • Stages of developing a drugs and alcohol policy

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