Where to buy drug test kits in Adelaide or South Australia

If you're in the market for drug testing kits in Adelaide, Andatech has you covered. With a selection of top-quality, reliable and accurate drug test kits available to purchase online, you can trust Andatech to deliver the quality products and services you need. Andatech is an Australian owned and operated business that provides individuals and organisations with a wide range of alcohol and drug testing equipment designed to help monitor alcohol levels and detect the presence of drugs.

Buy drug test kits online

Browse our online store to purchase drug testing kits, such as saliva drug test kits and urine drug test kits. Conduct your own drug test in Adelaide from the comfort of your own home, or you can even perform drug testing in the workplace. Compliant to Australian Standard AS4308 and AS4760, our drug test kits are suitable for workplace employee testing as well as personal use.

Saliva drug test kits

Identify recent drug use with non-intrusive saliva drug test kits. Convenient and easy to use, saliva drug test kits can detect up to 8 drug groups and alcohol in saliva with just one test. Browse the range below.

Urine drug test kits

Investigate drug use for the past week with urine drug test kits. Tamper-proof and with quick results, the urine drug test cups can detect up to 11 drug groups and alcohol in urine with just one sample.

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Australia's trusted drug testing kits provider

Andatech strives to provide the best products and services to all our customers. Below are just some of the drug test kits reviews that we've received from valued customers.

  • Excellent unit, shipping was fast, ordering was simple. Very rare to find a kit that'll test Oxy, Met, Bar and Ket all at once so this was a gem.

    - Yalcin C.

  • Delivery was fast, items were well packed. The kits were easy to use with clear instructions. Will definitely re-order regularly for our workplace drug and alcohol testing policy.

    - Victoria G.

  • The drug test kits are simple to use and give us a result quickly so we can get the drivers back on the road quickly. 

    - Mark S.

  • Quick results and accurate tests

    - Sung L.

  • Easy to use, nice design, clear instructions, fast results.. We love that it can test all the common drugs plus OXY, K2 and alcohol as well..

    - Germaine W.

  • easy to use for our work doa testing results are fast and easy to read

    - Alasdair T.