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New Andatech Sentry professional baton breathalyser

New Andatech Sentry professional baton breathalyser - Andatech

Innovative fuel cell sensor technology with fast testing at 12 ppm
Leading Australian breathalyser company, Andatech, has launched a new breathalyser, Andatech Sentry, which is baton-shaped and designed for professional use.
Andatech designs, supplies, supports and services safety products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment.
The Andatech Sentry breathalyser provides fast and easy testing of a person’s alcohol concentration and is particularly suited to roadside testing of drivers by fleet transport operators/drivers or law enforcement officers.
The breathalyser can take 12 samples per minute and provide results up to two decimal places. It can also be used on an unconscious person to detect the level of alcohol in their breath using the breathalyser's manual sampling function.
With innovative fuel cell sensor technology, the Andatech Sentry displays results numerically within five seconds. If the result exceeds the device’s set point value, the device will vibrate and sound an alarm.
Features of the Andatech Sentry include: 
  • An in-built magnet so the device can be attached to vehicles when conducting tests, thereby helping to prevent damage to the unit.
  • It can be used as a traffic baton and flashlight making it ideal for traffic enforcement officers.
  • Manual LED lighting that offers displays in white, red, red blinking, and red/blue, which is beneficial at night.
  • USB connectivity so it can be connected to PC software for more detailed settings.
  • The manual sampling function allows users to detect alcohol presence in suspect drinks.
  • The passive ‘cone-type’ blow cap can easily be replaced and washed for hygienic re-use. Subjects simply blow into the unit from 4-5 cm away to be tested.
 The Andatech Sentry is 276 mm long and 44.5 mm wide, comes with AA alkaline batteries and is compatible with rechargeable batteries for convenience and continuous usage.
With a calibration frequency of 5,000 tests in 12 months, the 370g device (including batteries) shows the number of days and tests before calibration is required. It also has a calibration grace period that allows use past the calibration due date before the unit is locked.
The Andatech Sentry has a one-year warranty and is only available from Andatech and selected third party testers around Australia.
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