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What can a saliva drug test kit detect?

What can a saliva drug test kit detect?

From employers to law enforcement agencies, many organisations use drug tests to detect the presence of drugs in individuals. Two of the most common methods of drug screening are urine drug testing and, of course, saliva drug tests. Unlike urine or blood tests, saliva drug testing, sometimes known as oral drug test testing, is non-invasive and super easy to use.

Here, we’ll discuss the different kinds of drugs that Andatech saliva drug test kits can detect and help you decide on the most appropriate method of drug testing to suit your drug testing needs.

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How Andatech saliva drug test kits work?

Saliva drug test kits work by analysing a person’s saliva to detect the presence of drugs and their metabolites. The test kit contains a collection device that will be used to thoroughly swab the inside of a test subject’s mouth to collect the saliva sample.

The collection device is then inserted into the test kit, where the sample is analysed for the presence of banned substances. The test kits use antibodies to detect the presence of specific drugs or drug metabolites in the saliva sample. If a drug or drug metabolite is present in the sample, it will trigger a chemical reaction that produces a visible colour change on the test kit.

The results from the test kits are usually delivered no longer than 10 minutes after the collection device has been inserted into the test kit, making for fast, easy, non-invasive and accurate drug testing.

What drugs are detected by saliva drug test kits?

Just like Andatech urine drug test kits, oral drug test kits are in compliance with Australian Standards cut-off limits, allowing for more reliable testing. These non-invasive drug testing kits are able to detect up to eight major drug groups and also alcohol at a BAC of no less than .02%.

The drugs that Andatech saliva drug test kits can detect include

Why choose oral drug test kits?

Saliva drug test kits have recently become a popular choice for drug testing in various settings due to their convenience, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. While they offer numerous benefits, including non-invasiveness, quick results, and multiple drug detections, they also have drawbacks that should be considered before using this method ahead of other testing methods, including urine, blood or hair testing.

Here are some pros and cons of using oral drug testing to help you make informed decisions about the right test kits for your drug testing needs.

Benefits of saliva drug testing

  • Non-invasive testing: Among the most common reasons for using oral drug testing is that this method only requires a saliva sample which is much easier to extract compared to urine or blood samples.
  • Easy to administer: Saliva extraction can be done by the test subject themselves under the supervision of an officer. No training or equipment is necessary. Simply swab the extraction device in the test subject’s mouth and insert the device into the test kit.
  • Quick results: Andatech saliva drug test kits deliver results as fast as 10 minutes after testing.
  • Multiple drug detection: Up to eight different major drug groups can be detected, including alcohol at .02%BAC.
  • Difficult to cheat: Since an officer can monitor the sample extraction process, cheating this drug test becomes nearly impossible. This ensures the integrity of results.

Drawbacks of saliva drug testing

  • Shorter detection window: Saliva drug testing can only detect drug use within a shorter detection window compared to urine or hair testing. Typically, oral specimens have a detection window of up to 48 hours, while urine specimens go up to 30 days, depending on the frequency of use.
  • Limited storage time: Oral samples may have a shorter storage time than urine or blood samples. This may affect the ability to conduct confirmatory testing if required.
  • Interference from food or drink: For ideal testing, subjects must wait 10 minutes after eating or drinking to ensure that external substances do not contaminate and interfere with test results.

Overall, saliva or oral drug testing is an effective and convenient drug screening method that detects major drug groups within a person’s system. Despite its limitations, saliva drug testing is a valuable tool in detecting drug use and promoting a drug-free working environment.

By understanding what drugs oral drug test kits can detect and understand their limitations, individuals and employers alike will be able to make informed decisions about drug testing and take appropriate actions to address drug use in their environments.

Andatech is committed to helping organisations create and maintain an alcohol and drug-free working environment by providing comprehensive alcohol and drug testing solutions, including drug test kits and fuel cell breathalysers paired with reliable after-sales support.