Ad hoc breath alcohol screening with handheld breathalysers.

Conduct breath alcohol screening among employees whenever it is needed, wherever they are. Get your AlcoSense or Andatech handheld breathalysers today.

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In compliance with Australian Standards

Breath alcohol results in a few seconds

Extend warranty with regular calibrations

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Andatech Surety

Accurate handheld breathalyser for on-site breath alcohol tests. Bluetooth printer option available to print test results on the spot. AS3547:2019 certified.

From $649.00

Andatech Prodigy S

Accurate handheld breathalyser for fast & high volume testing on-site. Store up to 10,000 breath alcohol test records with employee details. AS3547:2019 certified.

From $690.00

Andatech Prodigy 2S

Comprehensive handheld breathalyser with built-in GPS & printer. Store up to 65,000 breath alcohol test data with employee details. AS3547:1997 certified.

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Andatech Prodigy 3

Comprehensive handheld breathalyser with built-in GPS, printer & camera. Sync breath alcohol data of multiple locations via Andalink. AS3547:1997 certified.

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Andatech Precision+

Accurate handheld breathalyser with fast recovery time for high volume testing on-site and at workplace. No mouthpiece required for fast passive testing.


Andatech Sentry

Baton style handheld breathalyser for on-site quick breath alcohol tests regardless of surrounding lighting. No mouthpiece required. AS3547:1997 certified.


Andatech Sentry X

Baton style handheld breathalyser with self-sterilising nozzle for contactless on-site breath alcohol tests. No backflow of breath.

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AlcoSense Nexus

Pocket-size breathalyser compatible with the iSober app to track photo-verified breath alcohol data for individuals. AS3547:1997 certified.


AlcoSense Zenith+

Pocket-size breathalyser with a retractable mouthpiece for convenient breath alcohol testing on the road. Fast & accurate results. AS3547:1997 certified.


Quick breath alcohol testing for your employees.

Accurate & reliable handheld breathalysers for on-site breath alcohol screening. According to your company's alcohol & drug testing policy.

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