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Workplace Breathalysers

Australian Standards Certified

All our breathalysers go through extensive testing to get certified.

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Andatech Guarantee

Our breathalyser guarantee extends the standard warranty up to 5 years.

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All Andatech industrial breathalysers are tested vigorously to meet Australian Standards AS3547 Certification as to ensure accuracy and durability to maintain workplace alcohol testing policy in your company. Shop the range of workplace alcohol testers below or contact our sales team on 1300 800 200 if you'd like assistance or a quote for bulk purchases.

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Backed by Andatech's 5 Year Guarantee

All Andatech workplace breathalysers come with a standard 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

However, if you calibrate your alcohol breath tester every 12 months from the date of purchase, we will continue to extend the manufacturer's warranty up to 5 years from the original purchase date as long as the calibrations are maintained.

Find out more about the Andatech Guarantee.

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Alcohol breath testers for the workplace

Whilst breathalysers are more commonly utilised by the police and individuals, many alcohol-related crimes and injuries happen within the workplace. If one or more employees have an addiction to alcohol, or are consistently arriving at work intoxicated, you need a fast and accurate means to gauge their blood alcohol levels.

It is paramount for employers to promote a safe and productive work environment to ensure the general health and wellbeing or everybody within it. Andatech alcohol breath testers are known for providing fast and reliable results so that you can quickly and efficiently breath test your staff members.

Andatech professional workplace breathalysers are tested vigorously to Australian Standards to ensure accuracy and durability to maintain workplace alcohol testing policy in your company. All our workplace alcohol breath testers use industrial grade fuel cell technology that remain stable and accurate even with high volume consecutive testing.

Ideal for pre-employment or random alcohol testing

Andatech breathalysers offer a non-invasive means to test your staff and are ideal for fast random checks, to police your workplace, without taking up too much of your precious time. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of our breath alcohol testers available online and their consistently accurate results for workplaces throughout Australia. With added features such as built-in printers, wireless internet connectivity and data upload, our workplace breathalysers make alcohol testing in any organisation efficient and effective.

Andatech also provides exceptional customer service and additional services including breathalyser training, breathalyser rental and calibration management.

For information on our workplace alcohol testers or personal breathalysers, or to know where to buy a breathalyser online in Australia, contact us today on 1300 800 200.