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Alcohol & drug testing accessory

A Chain of Custody helps ensure that the collection, transfer, receipt, analysis, storage and disposal of alcohol and drug testing samples follow the correct procedure, are verified to belong to the specific employee and not tampered with.

The Chain of Custody book is suitable to use for workplace alcohol and drug testing, to ensure step-by-step documentation or paper trail of employee D&A testing. Use it for random, blanket, post-incident, for cause and pre-employment drug and alcohol testing.

Store up to 50 records in each book, with triplicate copies of each alcohol and drug test record.

Each Chain of Custody book includes:

  • Serial number field
  • Company information
  • Donor details, declaration and consent
  • Collector certification
  • Results for alcohol test, saliva drug test and urine drug test
  • Confirmatory testing section
  • Lab use section
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