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AlcoSense Elite 3 / BT user manual

Thank you for purchasing the AlcoSense Elite 3 / Elite 3 BT breathalyser.


Contents: AlcoSense® Elite 3 / BT, zip pouch, mouthpieces (x5), AAA batteries (x2), and user’s manual

Operating instructions

Normal Mode

  1. Insert mouthpiece into mouthpiece slot, then press the power button.
  2. The breathalyser will start to warm up until it shows the “0” sign.
  3. Blow into the mouthpiece for 4 seconds or until you hear the unit “click”.
  4. The result will be displayed for 10 seconds.

Readings over 0.200%BAC will be displayed as ‘OL’.

Fast Mode

Use this mode for fast testing to detect the presence or absence of alcohol.

Complete steps 1-2 above. Then, blow gently through the mouthpiece and press the button while blowing.

The result will be displayed as either ‘P’ when alcohol level detected is less than 0.020%BAC or ‘F’ when alcohol level detected is more than 0.020%BAC.

Please note:

  • The device will turn off automatically when not in use.
  • With the power off, press and hold down the power button to view the number of tests after calibration “C” and the number of tests where alcohol was detected “A”.

Andalink mobile app 

*for the AlcoSense Elite 3 BT smartphone breathalyser only

  1. Download the Andalink app onto your mobile phone and log in. Then, switch on or enable Bluetooth connectivity on your mobile phone.
    Note: Please log in with an account (Facebook or Google) to start saving test results and to view past test results. Test results history is not available when logging in as a guest.
  2. Switch on the Elite 3 BT device.
  3. Press the “Device List” button on the mobile phone app and select your Elite 3 BT device to connect (e.g. SENXXXX_XXXXXX).
  4. Once the device is connected, “APP” will appear on the display screen. Press the “TEST” button on the mobile app to take a test. The device will start initialising.
  5. Follow the mobile app’s step-by-step instructions to take and complete a test.Note: By default, ‘camera mode’ is enabled on the mobile app and you will be prompted to take a picture of yourself while taking the test. This may be useful for self-accountability or verification purposes. You can disable ‘camera mode’ under the mobile app’s ‘Settings’ tab.
  6. After the test is completed, the app will display the test results. You can then add location information, leave comments about the test, or share the results on your phone via SMS, email, or social media.

How to change batteries

  1. Slide the battery cover up to unlock it.
  2. Push the battery cover sideways to remove it.
  3. Change the batteries and replace the battery cover.


Refer to the user manual below for detailed instructions on how to use the AlcoSense Elite 3 / BT breathalyser.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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