AlcoSense Verity user manual

The following user manual is for the AlcoSense Verity Gen 2 breathalyser.

 To view the user manual for AlcoSense Verity Gen 1. please refer here: AlcoSense Verity breathalyser user manual


AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser (Gen 2) User Manual


User Manual

v1.0. Updated June 2023.

Please read the user manual to ensure safe and proper usage.
Please read the instructions carefully before using and be sure to keep the user manual where it is easily accessible for future reference.

The user manual may be altered at any time to assist in quality improvement.
The design and product development may be upgraded without public notice.


Congratulations on buying your new AlcoSense® Verity Gen 2 breathalyser.

Now, when you are drinking, you can be more aware of your alcohol level before you get into the car and possibly drive dangerously.

We hope you enjoy owning your AlcoSense® Verity Gen 2 breathalyser. If you have any questions regarding the unit or want to speak with us further, please visit or call 1300 800 200 (between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday).


AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Components

Contents: Breathalyser, mouthpieces (x5), AAA batteries (x2), pouch and information card.

Permanent mouthpiece

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Permanent Mouthpiece

The Verity Gen 2 features a built-in permanent mouthpiece for personal use.

Push the hook to the side to extend the mouthpiece for personal testing.

To use a separate mouthpiece with the breathalyser, simply insert the mouthpiece into the mouthpiece slot (without extending the built-in mouthpiece).

Operating Instructions

Switch On

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Operating Instructions

Step 1: 8.8.8. Press the power button.
Let go of the power button after 8.8.8. is displayed and the beeping tone is heard.
Step 2: High battery level The breathalyser will indicate the battery level.
Step 3: Warming up The breathalyser will start to warm up.
Step 4: Ready to take a test The breathalyser is ready to take a test.



To view the most recent test result, keep holding the power button at Step 1.
The breathalyser will then display the most recent test result.

Keep holding the power button to go to Menu mode or let go of the power button to go to Test mode.


Normal Test Mode

Ready to take a test When the breathalyser is ready to take a test, blow into the mouthpiece on the unit for 4 seconds or until you hear the unit “click”.


The breathalyser will begin analysing the result.

The result will be displayed for 10 seconds.

Results are read as .XXX%BAC, e.g.:

.000%BAC result .000%BAC
0.025%BAC result .025%BAC
0.050%BAC result .050%BAC
oL out of range reading  Note: If the reading is above the unit’s reading range of 0.200%BAC, it will be displayed as ‘OL’.


Fast Test Mode

Use this mode for fast testing to detect the presence or absence of alcohol.

Ready to take a test

When the breathalyser is ready to take a test, blow into the mouthpiece and press the power button.

The result will be displayed as P or F

Pass test result P - Alcohol is not detected
Fail test result F - Alcohol is detected


Auto Switch Off

Out auto switch off

The unit will turn off automatically when not in use to conserve battery life.

Alternatively, press and hold the power button during test mode or after taking a test to switch off the unit.

The unit will display “Out” before switching itself off.

Calibration Reminder

When the unit has 30 days or less remaining before calibration is due, the calibration reminder notice will be displayed when the unit is switched on, after the battery level indicator is displayed.

Calibrate in 30 day 
30 days left before the next calibration is due


The Menu mode can be accessed to view the breathalyser statistics such as past test results and count of test numbers.

While the unit is switched off, hold down the power button until the screen shows 0.Lr .

This indicates the unit has entered Menu mode.

Press power button
Press the power button to go to the next Menu option.
Hold power button

From the Main Menu, hold down the power button to enter a Menu option.

After entering a Menu option, hold down the power button and release after hearing a beep to go back to Test mode.

Menu options

0.Lr 0. Last Result Check
Last test recall (up to 10 tests)
1.Ct 1. Count of Test Numbers
Check the total count of tests
2.Cd 2. Calibration Due Statistics
Check when calibration is due in terms of remaining days and tests.
ESC Escape
Exit the menu function and go to test mode

0. Last Result Check

Check the last 10 test results

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Last Result Check

1. Count of Test Numbers

Check the total count of tests taken by the unit since the last calibration, in total, and with alcohol detected.

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Count of Test Numbers

2. Calibration Due Statistics

Check when calibration is due in terms of remaining days and tests.

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Calibration Due Statistics


Exit menu function and return to test mode.

AlcoSense Verity Breathalyser Escape Menu


Indication of %BAC

0.000 to 0.200% BAC


+/- 0.005 at 0.050% BAC

Warm-up Time

3 seconds - 4 minutes

Response Time

Within 10 seconds at 0.100% BAC

Use Mouthpiece

Only compatible with AlcoSense® mouthpieces

Sensor Type

Fuel Cell Sensor

Power Supply

2x AAA alkaline batteries


66g including batteries

Dimensions (mm)

100 high x 44 wide x 15 deep

Calibration Frequency

Every 6 months

Ambient Conditions

Operation: 5 - 40°C

Storage: 0 - 50°C


Warning display

Battery power low

The battery power is low

Please replace it with two (2) brand new, non heavy duty, non rechargeable Alkaline batteries.

Flo error

The breath sample was not strong enough for measurement

Please take another test and make sure the breath is strong and steady during sampling.

Out auto switch off

The unit is switching off

High battery level
Medium battery level
Low battery level

Battery level indication 

This indication will appear after the device is switched on, before the warming up status

Warming up

The unit is warming up

Ready to take a test

The unit is ready to take a test

oL reading out of range

The reading is over 0.200%BAC


  1. Allow at least 20 minutes after eating or drinking before testing. Any type of alcohol remaining in the mouth of saliva may interfere with proper testing and requires about 20 minutes to disperse. This includes alcohol-based mouthwash or similar products.
  2. Avoid testing in high wind conditions or in poorly ventilated or enclosed spaces. Poor ventilation may also lengthen the time required for warm up between tests.
  3. Do not blow smoke, saliva or other contaminants into the mouthpiece, as the sensor may become damaged. Wait at least 20 minutes after smoking before conducting a test.
  4. Do not use the breathalyser as a tool to drink and drive.
  5. Do not blow fluid into the instrument as it will damage the sensor and void your warranty.
  6. Do not store in an extreme environment where high temperature or high humidity exists. Keep out of the reach of children.
  7. To maintain accuracy, we recommend professional recalibration every 6 months.
  8. Blood alcohol concentration can continue to rise for up to 2 hours after the cessation of drinking. If a caution result or a result is close to the designated BAC, it is recommended to wait and retest after 20 minutes.
  9. It can take 10 hours or more for the alcohol level to return to a zero after a high blood alcohol level has been reached. A further test should be carried out later in the day of the following morning.
  10. User-serviceable batteries safety:
    • Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
    • Do not recharge a battery unless it is specifically marked “rechargeable”.
    • Do not expose the breathalyser or batteries to heat source.
    • Do not mix old and new batteries, or mix different types or makes of batteries.
    • Do not allow children to play with the batteries.

Recalibration & Service

The AlcoSense® Verity Gen 2 uses a fuel cell sensor to measure breath alcohol levels.

Depending upon the amount of alcohol registered by the sensor after a period of time, it will require recalibration. Andatech recommends the AlcoSense® Verity Gen 2 is calibrated every 6 months. To maintain the unit to Australian Standards, calibration every 6 months is required.

Learn more about calibrations

Find out how to book in a calibration for your breathalyser, and check out calibration management plans for your breathalyser to save you time, effort and money. 

Learn more about calibrations



The manufacturer warrants for 3 years from the date of purchase, the product to be free from defects in workmanship or material (excluding recalibration) under normal use. The manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing, adjusting or repairing the unit if returned along with proof of purchase.

This warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, damaged or abused in any way.

3 year warranty


Andatech Breathalysers Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee 

Calibrate your breathalyser every 6 months from the date of purchase and extend the manufacturer's warranty up to a lifetime.

Terms & conditions 

Warranty Details

Congratulations on your purchase! It is our aim to provide you with quality products that you can trust. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The Guarantee

The product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and care, will be repaired, replaced or refunded at our discretion, solely at our option with no charge for parts and labour. The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies in respect of the product that the consumer has under the Trade Practices Act and similar state laws.

Proof of Purchase

This warranty is valid for the original purchase and is not transferable. Please keep your purchase docket or receipt as proof of purchase and as proof of date on which the purchase was made. The purchase docket (or a copy) or receipt must be presented with the warranty when making a claim under this warranty.

Service during the Warranty Period

To claim for warranty, contact us on 1300 800 200 or to get an RA# (Return Authorisation Number) or submit a support ticket on Ensure that the RA# is clearly stated on the outside of the packaging and that the product is properly packaged so that no damage occurs to the product during transit. Shipping of the product back to us for warranty will be at your cost. A product return without the RA# will not be accepted.

Extent of Warranty

This warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or parts. All defective products or parts will be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not cover manuals and packaging.

Normal Wear and Tear

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to the product or parts.


This warranty does not cover:

  • Calibration costs
  • Any defect caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, improper operation, lack of reasonable care, unauthorised modification, loss of parts, tampering or attempted repair by a person not authorised by the distributor.
  • Any product that has been damaged by a lightning strike either directly or indirectly or a main power surge or liquid ingress.
  • The product if it is located outside of Australia.
  • Any damage caused by improper power input or improper cable connection.

Warranty Registration

Register your AlcoSense Verity Gen 2 breathalyser online at or fill out this form and forward it to the address below with a copy of your proof of purchase. 

Andatech Pty Ltd
PO Box 3038, Nunawading VIC 3131, Australia.
Phone: 1300 800 200  
Fax: 1300 883 802  

Date of Purchase

Place of Purchase

Serial No.


Given Name





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