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Andatech celebrates 20 years of excellence in safety

Andatech 20-year anniversary

[Melbourne, 18 August 2023] – Andatech, an industry leader in safety and wellness solutions, proudly commemorates two decades of dedicated service, innovation, and positive impact in its field. From its inception, Andatech has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing safety and well-being through cutting-edge technologies and unwavering dedication.

Over the past 20 years, Andatech has achieved remarkable milestones that have earned it recognition and acclaim. The company's exceptional products and services have garnered multiple awards over the past decade, including the Australian Business Awards and Whitehorse Excellence in Business Awards, among others, affirming their reputation as a leader in the industry.

What began as a vision to create safer roadways and workplaces has evolved into a global endeavour, with Andatech proudly serving organisations across Australia and internationally, serving markets in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore with plans to further expand their footprint across the globe.

Andatech's extensive product portfolio reflects its dedication to safety and well-being. From personal and workplace breathalysers to urine and saliva drug test kits, the company's offerings have played a pivotal role in enhancing safety protocols across various sectors. Additionally, their range of air treatment appliances, including dehumidifiers and air purifiers, underscores the company's holistic approach to creating safer and healthier environments.

“We’ve encountered a multitude of hurdles in our 20-year journey that have tested our resilience, business acumen and commitment,” Irwandy Tan, Founder and CEO of Andatech, said. “Yet, with each challenge, we’ve risen stronger and more determined than before. As we celebrate this milestone, we also reflect on the challenges we have faced and are excited to take on new challenges that will lead us to new heights.”

Central to Andatech's success is its corporate culture, which aims to nurture growth and excellence in everything that they do. These values have become the bedrock of the company's ethos, driving its continuous pursuit of innovation and its commitment to delivering solutions that empower individuals and organisations to make responsible choices.

As Andatech celebrates two decades of impactful service, it remains steadfast in its commitment to improving safety and well-being. With a global perspective and a deep-rooted passion for enhancing lives, Andatech is poised to continue its journey of innovation, excellence, and empowerment.

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