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The Prodigy 3 breathalyser: Australian Standard certified

Andatech Prodigy 3 breathalyser certified Australian Standard AS3547:2019

[MELBOURNE, 17 August 2023] - Setting a new benchmark in precision alcohol breath testing, Andatech, an innovator in alcohol and drug testing solutions, takes immense pride in announcing the AS3547:2019 certification achievement for the Prodigy 3 workplace breathalyser. This certification is an upgrade to the previous certificate credited to the device.

The AS3547:2019 certification is a hallmark of quality and reliability in alcohol breath testing devices. It is a certification standard established by the Australian Standards Committee that sets out specific requirements and guidelines for the accuracy, reliability, calibration procedures and other performance-related aspects of breathalysers used for alcohol testing.

This accomplishment results from rigorous testing and compliance with stringent standards to ensure the utmost precision and reliability of the Prodigy 3 breathalyser. By meeting the exacting criteria of AS3547:2019, the Prodigy 3 attains a new level of accuracy crucial in creating and maintaining an alcohol-free workplace.

This milestone also signifies a leap ahead in Andatech’s commitment to reliable alcohol breath-testing products. Also, it underscores its dedication to providing accurate testing solutions that align with the highest industry standards and norms.

Andatech Prodigy 3’s certification is another addition to the list of AS3547:2019 certified breathalysers part of the Andatech catalogue. Breathalysers certified by this standard would have undergone rigorous assessments by third-party laboratories to confirm their compliance with the set standards.

“This latest certification is a testament to the continuous improvement mindset to deliver top-tier breathalysers that meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability,” Jaka Exstrada, Head of Corporate Sales at Andatech, stated.

“The Prodigy 3 is packed with a host of features that are unique to the Australian market, such as the built-in camera and direct link to the Andalink cloud management system, and this latest certification will further cement its place as a premium breathalyser that does not compromise on accuracy.”

The built-in camera offers proof of testing each time a test subject conducts a test, making the breathalyser ideal for court cases involving child custody and can also be used for daily alcohol testing at workplaces.

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