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Andatech teams up with Drink Drive Victoria to raise responsible drinking awareness among the youth

Andatech teams up with Drink Drive Victoria

[MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, July 20, 2023] - Andatech, a leader in health and safety equipment, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Drink Drive Victoria (DDV) to advance the cause of road safety, especially among the Australian youth. This strategic collaboration aims to create greater awareness about the consequences of impaired driving and empower individuals to make responsible choices, contributing to a safer and more responsible community.

DDV, an organisation consisting of experienced alcohol and other drugs (AOD) professionals who are dedicated to preventing alcohol and drug-related accidents, shares a common vision with Andatech in promoting the well-being and safety of individuals in their everyday lives.

The DDV team also employs AOD professionals that have been accredited by VicRoads to facilitate mandated Behaviour Change Programs to assist drivers who have lost their licence for drink or drug driving offences to fulfil their re-licencing requirements, including the pre-interlock removal programs, and other alcohol and drug-related services.

Through this partnership, both organisations aim to educate and empower young drivers to make informed decisions when it comes to alcohol and drug use and driving.

As part of the partnership, AlcoSense personal breathalysers and DrugSense Saliva drug test kits will be available via DDV. AlcoSense breathalysers utilise advanced fuel cell technology, are Australian Standard AS3547 certified, and are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, providing individuals with a simple yet effective way to check their alcohol levels before getting behind the wheel.

DrugSense saliva drug test kits, on the other hand, are known for their ease of use, efficiency and ability to detect up to 11 different major drug groups. DrugSense drug test kits from Andatech are compliant with cut-off levels specified by Australian Standard AS4760.

"We are delighted to embark on this strategic partnership with DDV, aimed at promoting responsible driving practices, particularly among the youth," said Chris Wright, client engagement specialist at Andatech. "By making AlcoSense personal breathalysers and DrugSense saliva drug test kits accessible via DDV, the public will better recognise these products as effective alcohol and drug monitoring solutions, ensuring individuals are able to make informed decisions about whether or not they should be driving."

Both Andatech and DDV believe that this partnership will significantly contribute to reducing alcohol and drug-related accidents and help build a culture of responsible driving. By combining their expertise and resources, the two organisations aim to make a meaningful impact on road safety and well-being, ensuring everyone can enjoy the roads responsibly.

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