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Andatech breathalysers – an innovative solution for family custody cases

Andatech breathalysers – an innovative solution for family custody cases

Family custody cases

During a custody case, a court orders a family safety risk assessment. Based on the findings of the subsequent screening process, the court deems the father a risk to his daughter due to alcoholism, and mandates that he obtain a breathalyser.

His ongoing drinking behaviour will determine his access rights.

Does the father need to present himself for testing at a lawyer’s office on a regular basis?

The best breathalyser for the solution

Much more than a piece of court-mandated equipment, Andatech's Prodigy 3 breathalyser is an innovative solution.

The device has a in-built camera that photographs the person taking the test (thus eliminating circumvention), and this is stored along with the breathalyser reading, date, time and even geolocation.

Using a Wi-Fi connection and 4G, these evidential records are uploaded to the cloud for review to ensure the father is meeting his legal compliance requirements, prior to his access rights being granted.

This means that the father can use his Prodigy 3 breathalyser at his convenience without the need to regularly report in person to a lawyer to conduct each alcohol breath test.

Making it easier to provide proof that he has changed his drinking habits.

Making it easier for him and his daughter to share time together.

All part of the Andatech service.


The above is just one of the real-life use cases of lawyers using Andatech's breathalysers to help resolve court cases in an innovative way. Other than child custody cases, Andatech breathalysers are also being used in the law and justice system for probation monitoring, workplace safety, and pre-trial release.