Urine Drug Testing Kits

Suitable for Workplace Testing

Our urine test kits meet Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4308:2008) cut-off levels.

Tests up to 9 Drug Groups

Our drug test kits can detect up to 9 commonly abused drug groups.

Accurate and Easy to Use

Our urine drug screening cups are suitable for both personal and workplace use.

Collection: Urine Drug Test Kits

Urine drug testing is one of the most common method for analysis used for legal, health care and workplace drug screening tests. We offer a range of urine screening kits that are easy to use with temperature strips and adulteration panels, and meet Australian Standards AS4308 cut-off levels. We also offer chain of custody books for purchase- call in to find out more. Shop below or contact us if you'd like assistance in choosing the best option for your drug and alcohol test detection needs. You may also check out our kits that tests oral fluids here.

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  • DrugSense DSU7 Urine Drug Testing Kit
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    Tests 7 Drugs - AMP COC K2 BZO MET OPI THC + Alcohol

  • DrugSense DSU9 Urine Drug Testing Kit
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    Tests 9 Drugs - AMP BZO COC MET OPI THC BUP MTD K2 + Alcohol

  • DrugSense DSU11 Urine Drug Testing Kit
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    Tests 11 Drugs - AMP BZO COC K2 MET THC OPI OXY MTD BAR KET + Alcohol

  • SureStep™ Urine Cup
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    Tests 6 Drug Groups - AMP MOP BZO MET COC THC

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Drug Screening Cut-Off Levels for Urine Drug Testing
Australian Standards AS/NZS 4308

Amphetamine 300 ng/ml
Benzodiazepines 200 ng/ml
Cannabis metabolites 50 ng/ml
Cocaine metabolites 300 ng/ml
Opiates 300 ng/ml
Methamphetamine 300 ng/ml

Easy-to-Use Urine Drug Screening

Our urine drug test screening cups offer fast and easy-to-use drug detection tests. Each cup comes with precise instructions on how to use and interpret the drug test results. Additionally, concentrations of drugs and metabolites also tend to be high in a urine sample, allowing longer detection times, making them more favoured by employers in safety-critical industries.

For workplace drug screening, note that a positive result does not necessarily mean that you've found drugs of abuse because there can be many factors that may cause false positives. You should not take any serious actions until you get the results from a confirmation test / confirmatory tests at a laboratory.

Similarly, a negative result does not mean the subject is not on substance abuse as there are several factors that can cause a false negative. This may include test cups being stored wrongly or used past its expiry date, the subject being examined too late or too soon when the drugs have already passed through their urine, or you may have tested for the wrong drugs. If you suspect that someone is abusing drugs but you get a negative test result, you can test again at a later time with a new testing kit.


For reliable drug screening with longer drug detection times, opt for a urine drug test screening cup. Our urine test kits are suitable for workplace testing and meet Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4308:2008) requirements.

Andatech's range of urine screen cups can detect up to 9 different types of drug groups. This includes drug groups found in commonly abused illicit drugs (such as Amphetamines, Marijuana / THC, Methamphetamines and Cocaine) and those found in commonly abused prescription drugs (such as Benzodiazepine and Opiates). Check each model's specifications to find out the drugs it can detect and their cut-off levels.

For companies wanting an all-in-one urine drug test kit, we also have cups that can detect both drugs and alcohol, such as the DrugSense DSU9 urine screening cup. Accurate and easy to use, our urine drug screening cups are suitable for both personal or home use and for workplace use.

Contact our sales team to learn more about our drug testing kits or to get a recommendation on which model will suit your needs the best. We also provide bulk pricing for large quantity purchases.