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Drug Test Kit - SureStep™ Urine Cup -  - andatech2005
Drug Test Kit - SureStep™ Urine Cup -  - andatech2005
Drug Test Kit - SureStep™ Urine Cup -  - andatech2005


Urine drug test kit
Tests 6 Drug Groups - AMP MOP BZO MET COC THC

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Detect AMP, MOP, BZO, MET, COC & THC through urine in 1 test. Tamper-proof. Results in 5 min. In compliance with uses under AS/NZS4308:2008.

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Multi-Drug Test Panel with Integrated E–Z split Key

A complete drug screening system in a sealed cup offers a variety of simple and rapid urine screening tests for use in Workplace Testing and Drug Rehabilitation.
This rapid and simple drug screening device requires minimal training and provides results in just five minutes. Tests for 6 common drugs and its adulterants:

  • Amphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Morphine

Secure: Eliminates exposure to urine and provides temperature verification to confirm urine samples. Inbuilt adulteration strip.

Convenient: Simple, easy to use procedure – collect the urine, push the key and read results at 5 minutes. Tests for 6 drugs in the one device.

Stable: Long shelf life stored at room temperature or when refrigerated (2-30°C).

Performance: Accurate with high level of correlation to GCMS reference methods.

Verified to AS/NZS4308:2008 Appendix B.



Instructions for Use

1) Bring pouch to room temperature before opening.

2) Collect urine specimen in the cup and secure cap.

3) Check temperature label up to 4 minutes after specimen collection.

4) Push key into socket of the cup to begin the drug screen test.

5) Peel off label.

6) Read results shown at 5 minutes. “PRODUCT PROCEDURE NOTE: Refer to product insert for complete instructions, limitations and warnings.”


Results Interpretation

A line must appear in the control line region (C) to indicate that the test has worked correctly.

Model No. DAU-01
Cut-Off Levels
Test Drug

Cut-off level (µg/L)

AMP - Amphetamine

300 ng/ml

BZO - Benzodiazepines

200 ng/ml

COC - Cocaine Metabolites

300 ng/ml

METH - Methamphetamine

300 ng/ml

MOP - Morphine

300 ng/ml

THC - Cannabis Metabolites

50 ng/ml

Specifications No

SureStep Urine Drug Testing Kit Verification Report

SureStep Urine Drug Testing Kit Package Insert

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle L.

Swift service quick delivery. Thank you

Quick delivery

great service and fast delivery. Easy product to use and read with fast results

Craig L.
Urine cups

These are a great efficient and very effective tool

J M.H.

SureStep™ Urine Cup

Eddie L.

SureStep™ Urine Cup

SureStep™ Urine Cup

Great product and was able to buy a minimum purchase of 5 units unlike the many other sites I visited. If you only need a few units then the andatech site is place to go.

Vanessa L.

SureStep™ Urine Cup

Tony V.
Surestep test

I had done a test with the surestep Urine cup to see when i am cleared for driving, and found a drug in my system that should not of been there.... it really goes to show you it's not just the drug you took that is in your body its other's as well.. for some weird reason after trialing (speed) to test the cup THC also showed up in the test... and no i haven't had THC for 20 years .
Hope this helps and educates others.. any way i will test again in a few months time when i know i don't need to drive. Cheers and good luck :+1: