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Why choose Andatech?

Why choose Andatech?

For 20 years, Andatech has been providing Australians with health and safety innovations to better their lives be it at the workplace or at home. Although Andatech is known for accurate and reliable breathalysers and drug test kits, this blog post will take a look at the other aspects of the Australian-owned organisation and what makes them the right choice to help ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

NATA accredited lab

As of June 2022, Andatech’s Melbourne Calibration Centre for breathalysers has gained NATA accreditation, ensuring the public of its excellent capabilities in measuring breath alcohol readings and conducting calibrations with high levels of accuracy.

This accreditation further strengthens the quality and reliability of Andatech breathalysers, ensuring that calibrated breathalysers remain accurate at all times. All Andatech and AlcoSense breathalysers also come with Australian Standards AS 3547 certification for accuracy and reliability.

ISO 9001

Andatech has gained the internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification from the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). This certification is a testament to Andatech’s holistic quality management system and their commitment to continuously improving its effectiveness.

The ISO 9001 certification requires organisations to consistently meet customer needs and expectations and continuously improve processes and procedures. Some characteristics of an ISO 9001 certified organisation include

  • A strong emphasis on quality management and risk assessment
  • Regular internal and external audits to identify and address areas of improvement
  • Monitoring and measuring key performance indicators to ensure compliance with objectives
  • A commitment to complying with relevant laws, regulations and industry standards

Lifetime guarantee on all breathalysers

Believing in the quality of our breathalysers, Andatech industrial breathalysers and AlcoSense personal breathalysers have a standard three-year warranty but if calibrated regularly according to Andatech guidelines (every six months), users can enjoy a lifetime guarantee. Under the lifetime guarantee, users can enjoy free repairs to their unit should it be damaged from regular use.

Easy calibration

To make the lifetime guarantee more attainable, Andatech offers different calibration management plans for as low as $38.30 per calibration. Calibration of the breathalyser will be conducted in the previously mentioned NATA accredited calibration lab in Melbourne.

Depending on the selected calibration plan under Andatech, users will receive a certificate of calibration, a quick turnaround time, express postage, a fresh new pair of batteries and mouthpieces.

Excellent after-sales service

Motivated by one of the company’s core values of excellence, Andatech is known for its excellent after-sales service and willingness to assist customers with any issue they might face with their equipment. This is seen in the organisation’s 400+ Google Reviews, which have seen them gain 4.8 stars.

Wide range of services

Apart from industrial and personal breathalysers, Andatech also has a wide range of urine and saliva drug test kits for workplace and personal use, helping Australian workplaces to become safer places by making them free from drugs and alcohol.

Andatech also offers on-site testing conducted by professional drug and alcohol testing officers, which includes alcohol testing, drug testing and confirmatory tests in a recognized pathology lab to ensure that false positive results are indeed false.

Aspiring Australian alcohol and drug testing officers can also contact Andatech to get accredited for HLTPAT005, the nationally recognized training course for collecting specimens for drug abuse testing.

Even wider range of breathalysers

Andatech has the right breathalyser for Australians from all walks of life. From affordable, entry-level breathalysers for responsible drinkers getting their first breathalyser to highly accurate industrial breathalysers with on-site thermal printing features for concerned health and safety officers, Andatech has the perfect breathalyser for you.

Browse our wide range of Andatech industrial breathalysers, or if you’re shopping for yourself or a gift for a mate, check out our full range of AlcoSense personal breathalysers.