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Why drugs and alcohol are a dangerous combination

Why drugs and alcohol are a dangerous combination

Combining drugs and alcohol in a single sitting can have life-threatening consequences, especially when it comes to synthetic opioids. It’s well known that drugs and alcohol will impair one’s senses, making them more susceptible to poor judgement, decreased coordination, increased aggression and heightened health risks.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the inherent dangers of this risky combination and explore how breathalysers and drug test kits can play a crucial role in preventing any harm from happening before it's too late.

The hazards of mixing drugs and alcohol

On their own, alcohol and drugs can already have impairing effects on a person; when combined, the risks multiply exponentially. The effects of each substance can intensify and create a dangerous combination that impairs both the physical and mental functions of the person that has consumed it.

This can lead to the following:

  • Increased impairment
  • Amplified health risks
  • Unpredictable reactions
  • Increased risk of addiction
  • Enhanced mental issues
  • Overdose
  • Legal consequences

The risks of experiencing the above effects become heightened when mixing alcohol with certain drugs like opioids, benzodiazepines, or stimulants. Understanding these hazards is crucial to raising awareness and promoting a safe drinking culture. By recognising the dangers of mixing drugs and alcohol, the community can take proactive steps to prevent potential harm and protect each other.

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Prevention: Utilising breathalysers and drug test kits

Breathalysers and drug test kits are effective means to prevent the combination of drugs and alcohol. These tools, which are often used at workplaces, by law enforcement bodies, everyday individuals and other formal establishments, help users make informed decisions and help promote a safer environment. Here’s how they can assist:

  • Breathalysers – through a single breath sample, breathalysers are able to provide an instant and accurate estimation of the test subject’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC), helping to determine how impaired a person is based on how much alcohol is recorded in their system.
  • Drug test kits – Andatech drug test kits are specifically designed to detect the presence of up to 11 major drug groups and alcohol in a test subject’s urine or saliva sample. Regular drug testing can deter individuals from combining drugs and alcohol as it creates accountability and discourages substance abuse.

These tools serve as a preventive measure, helping the community stay vigilant and make informed choices regarding substance abuse.

Promoting a safe environment

In addition to utilising breathalysers and drug test kits, there are several other supplementary actions that can be taken to deter this risky habit and in turn, promote a safe environment within the Australian community. The following strategies include:

  • Education and awareness – by providing comprehensive information about the risks and dangers that come with mixing substances, the general public will learn the dangers and not be swayed by peer pressure, stress or other factors that may sway them into falling into the slippery slope of combining drugs and alcohol. Awareness and education initiatives include seminars, social media pages dedicated to the cause, news articles and more.

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  • Establishing clear policies – whether it’s at the workplace or at social gatherings, establishing clear rules against substance use backed by consequences will deter substance abusers and drinkers from engaging in any sort of the activity on the premises.
  • Supportive networks and resources – many people that fall into drug addiction or alcoholism may have done so involuntarily and are a victim of circumstances. By creating a supportive network or community that is free from judgement, those struggling with substance use can seek help without the fear of judgement. These networks and resources include helplines, counselling and support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, among others.

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  • Leading by example ­– many young people look up to certain individuals within their community as role models. Leading by example and demonstrating responsible behaviour when it comes to alcohol and drug use shows others that it is possible to have a good time without compromising one’s own safety and well-being.

By combining education, policies, support networks, and personal responsibility, a safer environment is bound to be created for everyone.

The regular use of breathalysers and drug test kits on your loved ones can further help prevent unfortunate drug or alcohol-related incidents. It can allow caregivers to monitor the amount of substance their loved one consumes, keeping them in check and helping prevent addiction.

For more information on responsible drinking, drug and alcohol testing, and more, visit the Andatech resources page for expert insight into the mentioned topics.

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